Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Acid Mothers Gong - 2006 - Live In Tokyo

Acid Mothers Gong
Live In Tokyo

01. Gnome 11:11 [Invoking Third Dimensional Gnomolinguistix] 1:04
02. Ooom Ba Wa! [Invocation of Ulterior Motif & Conversation with Gongly Godpods]
03. Crazy Invisible She [Invocation of Undulating Absences] 4:18
04. The Unkilling of Doctor Octave Doctor Da Ja 4J [Ceremonie Undone (You Can't Smash Me Riff)] 8:48
05. Avahoot Klaxon Diamond Language Ritual [Ceremoni Free Lingual Exploder/Beezul-Baba Bombom Chant] 4:42
06. Rituel Umbrage Demon Stirfry & Its Upcum [Ceremoni Rhino-Electrik Upstir] 3:29
07. Jesu Ali Om Cruci-Fiction [Ceremoni Ikonaklastika] 1:18
08. Ze Teapot Zat Exploded [Ceremoni Joyful Killpast] 9:29
09. Eating Colonel Saunders Upside Down [Ceremoni Invertigong & Cuckold Dance Macabre(Note Upcum Celebrasive Whoopi Tag)] 6:34
10. Vital Info That Should Never Be Spoken [Ceremoni Secretif (Oui-Ja Boardinghouse of Codes)] 6:34
11. Parallel Tales of Fred Circumspex [All Nude Pissing on yr Toes Song] 5:11
12. The Isle of Underwear [Ceremoni Pink Lady Limonade 599g] 12:33
13. Ohm Riff Voltage 245 [Ceremoni Tribal Surge] 7:43
14. Totalatonal Farewell to the Innocents [Lullabye Jackal & Formaldahyde] 6:22

Makoto Kawabata - guitar & bazouki
Cotton Casino - synthesizer & voices
Daevid Allen - guitars & vocals
Josh Pollock - guitar
Orlando Allen - drums
Dharmawan Bradbridge - drums

Anyone who is familiar with either the Acid Mothers Temple or Gong will have guessed that this should have long freaked out guitar and vocal work strung together into a long mind melding brain whipping trance-ific rock wigout and need to read no more of this review. It is all of the above and may lead to long term damage if listened to on a regular basis.

I must go and put it on again, now..........

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