Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Acid Mothers Gong - 2006 - Live in Nagoya

Acid Mothers Gong
Live in Nagoya

01. "HoHoHo!" (avahoot klaxon's acidological report) 16:30
02. Makototen 14:05
03. Glissade Gillisade 13:37
04. Lady Lemonade 11:40
05. Bellyful of Telephone / Why Do? 3:44
06. Hari Balmy Bom Riff 6:46
07. Virtual Lover 7:34

Makoto Kawabata - guitar & bazouki
Cotton Casino - synthesizer & voices
Daevid Allen - guitars & vocals
Josh Pollock - guitar
Orlando Allen - drums
Dharmawan Bradbridge - drums

Psychedelia. It's a term that's perhaps the most over-used of musical buzzwords. Less than half the records that the media labels as psychedelic actually have the characteristics of true psychedelia. Perhaps moreso than any other record, Acid Mothers Gong's Live in Nagoya delivers utterly chaotic and out-of-control psych.

It only makes sense right? After the naisence of psychedelia in the London underground, Daevid Allen and Gong went farther out still, becoming one of the first bands to put the expansive sound of the live shows of the likes of Barrett's Floyd or his own Soft Machine to record. Meanwhile, in modern times, Acid Mothers Temple has taken what Gong started and made it even more insane. This collision of the two guantlets does not disappoint.

Daevid Allen gliss guitars more shimmeringly than he has in over thirty years while Kawabata Makoto's intense guitarwork gives the music a harder edge than Gong ever had. To amp up the chaos, fellow guitarist Josh Pollock matches Kawabata's intensity. Speaking of Chaos, Ruins drummer Yoshida Tatsuya is on the drums. 'nuff said.

Acid Mothers Gong explodes constantly as they go through a mixture of new songs, AMT songs, and Gong classics to provide a mindblowing set that we're all very lucky was caught on record. This is no-holds-barred psych at its absolute finest.

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