Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1 - 1972 - 1 (Come)

1 (Come)

01 One of a Kind 4:29
02 Il Car Raga 8:38
03 Free Rain 5:12
04 3 Songs 10:09
05 Old Englishhh 7:56

Mark Baker - Drums
Reality D. Blipcrotch - Percussion, Vocals
Roger Crissinger - Organ, Piano, Keyboards
Donald Ensslin - Banjo, Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
Frank Trevor Fee - Bass
Marv Granat Dulcimer - Guitar, Sitar
Sarah Oppenheim - Autoharp, Voices
Laurie Paul - Vocals, Voices, Tanpura
Theodore Teipel - Flute, Harmonica, Piano, Keyboards

An overlooked unique gem released in 1972 by the label run by Jefferson Airplane. The music is dreamy, mellow, jammy, mildly experimental, "folky", "jazzy", "psychedelic" and drenched in hippie cliches.  There are passing similarities to Third Ear Band and Children of One (no relation).  The raga exploito cut "II Car Raga" has an awesome scatty and ethereal male vocal line. The jammy flute passages hearken to Focus and other Dutch and German acts of the same time period. Perhaps the best feature of the album is the atmospheric female vocals. "Free Rain" is nice piece of gentle songwriting that sticks in my head.  The album generally has a bland, pastel, mellow feeling that disposes it to be heard as background fodder, but it grew on me over the course of a few listens and there's enough substance and quirks to make for a very satisfying listen. I would only recommend it to people with a specialization in early 70s vibes.

Reissue of one and onyl album by USA psych-pop band 'I' (ONE) not to be mistaken with UK brass-led progband 'ONE'. This ONE was officially released on Airplane label GRUNT in '72. The band's name is "1", not "One". The album title is listed as "Come" in some places.



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