Friday, April 10, 2015

ZAO - 1994 - Akhenaton


01. Elioth (7:37)
02. Thebes (7:11)
03. Baityare (8:11)
04. Cobra (6:38)
05. Yzzo (6:42)
06. Sable (3:48)
07. Ozz (6:07)
08. Sakkarah (5:49)
09. Des Fleurs Pour Nefertit (7:34)

- Dominique Bertram / 5-string bass, Fender Jazz bass
- Yochk'o Seffer / saxophone
- Jean-My Truong / drums
- Patrick Tilleman / percussion, violin, violin (electric)
- Faton Cahen / piano

17 years is a long time between albums but Cahen and Seffer wanted to get back on the horse after their earlier albums were reissued on cd in the early nineties. Jean-My Truong was the first to be informed about this and agreed right away to be part of it. Bertram (bass) and Tilleman (violin) also agreed so the lineup was set. The latter two were both temporary substitutes for Prevost and Lockwood in 1976, so they had played with ZAO. Interesting that Dominique Bertram's brother Gerard was part of the original MOVING GELATINE PLATES band playing guitar. Perhaps even more interesting is that Didier Thibault the leader of MOVING GELATINE PLATES used Dominique's bass until he could afford his own.

"Eloith" opens with mournful sax and piano until a full sound suddenly arrives 2 minutes in. It gets lighter with bass 3 minutes in as the contrast continues. Check out the bass 5 minutes in ! "Thebes" is really light Jazz. Cahen takes the lead 2 minutes in. Some interesting violin 4 minutes in with the sax taking a turn 5 1/2 minutes in. "Baityare" is fairly light as well with the violin leading the way for the most part. The bass is prominant though. A fuller sound 3 minutes in. The sax lights it up before 5 1/2 minutes. "Cobra" has a groovy sound to it. It's laid back with the Seffer taking the lead.

"YZZO" is led by drums, bass and violin. Piano then sax 3 1/2 minutes in. Sax and violin take turns. "Sable" has a good tempo to it with lots of violin. Not really a fan though. "Ozz" might be my favourite. Some great interplay in this one that for me recalls the past a little. Everyone shines on this one. "Sakkarah" has some good contrasts and is also one of the better songs on here. "Des Fleurs Pour Nefertiti" is mellow with piano and sax melodies. It's really a showcase for Cahen and Seffer who co-wrote the song.

Good record, but in my opinion it doesn't reach the heights of their seventies albums.

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