Friday, April 10, 2015

ZAO - 1976 - Live 76

Live 76

01. Shardaz (9:41)
02. Isis (8:07)
03. Tserouf (6:36)
04. Sadie (5:17)
05. Zohar (9:46)
06. Improcol (19:28)
07. Jumelles (6:39)
08. Kabal (4:57)

- Francois Cahen / piano & synthesizers
- Didier Lockwood / violin
- Gerard Prevost / bass
- Jean-My Truong / drums & percussion

This is an outstanding live performance done shortly after Yochk'o Seffer left the band. Didier Lockwood provides his usual excellence on violin, and Jean My-Truong is absolutely outstanding on drums. The whole band breathes a high level of energy into tracks from the first four Zao albums - in particular you can hear this in the performance of "Isis", where this author found the studio recording a bit lackluster and flat. The one downside of this album (and certainly why it can't get 5 stars) is that the audio quality is barely tolerable - particularly on "Improcol" where it threatens to almost drop off completely - pretty much bootleg quality throughout. Still, highly recommended for jazz-rock and zeuhl fans.



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