Monday, April 20, 2015

Young Flowers - 1968 - Blomsterpistolen

Young Flowers 
1968 -

01. Ouverture / Take Warning, Stk.1 4:22
02. The Moment Life Appeared, Stk.2 2:25
03. 25 Øre 7:53
04. Oppe I Træet, Stk.3 3:26
05. To You, Stk.4 2:02
06. Down Along the Cove, Stk.5 3:59
07. April '68 8:56

Jens Dahl (guitar)
Peter Ingemann (bass, vocals)
Ken Gudman (drums)

First pressing on red labels with white trumpet logo at 12 o'clock. Stereo/mono SLPS 1258 is printed on the right side of label.
Released in a ''flipback'' cover.
Extra credit on label side B: (Stk. 1, 2, 3, 4, Og 5 = Niels' fødselsdag - frit efter Peters fødselsdag: forf. og komp. Niels Harriet)

The debut album Blomsterpistolen by the Danish psychedelic rock band Young Flowers is a bit overrated package in my opinion. It's definitely not a bad album but there are so many better albums and bands with a similar sound than this group and this album. They released two albums on the Sonet label back in the late 60's and Blomsterpistolen is usually called as the better of the two. I have to disagree because I prefer their second LP No. 2 over this first album.

Blomsterpistolen includes some very fine psych rock with blues elements but as a totality this is weaker than their next LP. It has a lot stronger songs to offer. Blomsterpistolen has it's moments as well but if you ask me which one is the better Young Flowers album I will definitely answer No. 2.



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