Thursday, April 16, 2015

Visitors - 1981 - Visitors


01. V-I-S-I-T-O-R-S '81 4:33
02. Everybody Now! 3:05
03. A-E-I-E-O 3:52
04. Reveille Toi - Svegliati - Get Up! 3:37
05. Mental Slavery 3:29
06. Joyo Can You Hear (Part 1) 3:53
07. Joyo Can You Hear (Part 2) 4:32
08. Don't Squeeze! 3:36
09. Try 3:46

Bass – Rosaire Riccobono
Drums – Donald Rieubon
Guitar – Bernard Lignac
Keyboards – Zeus B. Held
Vocals – Jessy Joyce, Patrick Attali

Producer, Engineer – J.P. Massiera

Producer/composer Jean-Pierre Massiera (Horrific Child, Les Maledictus Sound, Les Chats Renaissance etc), but it's not their legendary experimental progressive magnum opus from the early 70's. No, this is the little known (but mysteriously reviled by most of those who do) second self titled Visitors album from some 10+ years later. Evidently, the individuals who've given this one a bum rap are humor impaired. Or at least they fail to realize that there IS such a thing as good cheese. And this album is grade A fromage. The Visitors of this incarnation practice what those in my circle refer to as Dr. Who rock, a charmingly ridiculous, mannered form of space rock that seems to start with Quark, Strangeness And Charm-era Hawkwind and continues on through Nash The Slash, the Daevid Allen of Dividedalienplaybax80, The Cardiacs, Poisoned Electrick Head and, most certainly here on this latter day Visitors. Yes, there ARE some howlingly bad bits on here, but to these ears, more than half of this is top notch craziness and I continue to get a stupid amount of pleasure from it.



  2. Well, I love the second Visitors album as well! It seems that those who come to JPM from a prog/rock/zeuhl/RIO background have difficulties with his more cosmic disco/pop and vice-versa, I know people who love his Herman's Rockets, Venus Gang, Joyce & Co material but have real problems with Horrific Child and Human Egg (as I have experienced first hand!).

    Personally, I love everything that JPM does, which makes things a little easier.. though how anyone can not adore the V-I-S-I-T-O-R-S 81 chant has no soul, never mind a sense of humour!

  3. Maestro!! me fascina tu blog! cada día me sorprendés más y me ayudás un montón a conocer... o al menos intentar... la música del mundo. Incríble la verdad. Me preguntaba si tienes "les maledictus sound" de massiera o human egg. Eso sería espectacular.
    Bueno, mil gracias maestro!