Friday, April 3, 2015

Vandertop - 2001 - Paris 76

Paris 76

01 Hhaï 8:56
02 La musique des sphères 21:57
03 De Futura 25:38
04 Troller Tanz 4:19

Jannick Top: bass
Christian Vander: drums, vocals
Klaus Blasquiz: vocals
Didier Lockwood: violin
Gabriel Federow: guitar
Michel Graillier: keyboards

Vandertop is the name Magma took in 1976, when Jannick Top reintegrated the group he left in 1974, because of "spiritual" differences. He left again after two months, but kept in touch and toured with Magma again many times.
So this is basically a Magma live recording, with Top's bass and Vander's drums featured prominently.

Not a complete gig, but for God's sake I think we've heard enough live versions of "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh" (the missing song) by now anyway.  There's also a lot of overlap, songlist-wise, with "Best Of Tour 76", so unless you're a fanatic you probably won't want both, and in fact if you're not a fanatic you should probably get the other one.  But I think, if you like Magma at all, that you should own at least one of these relatively obscure records- despite the name "Vandertop" given to this band, it's Magma, and it's a wonderful and dynamic live performance from one of the more underrated periods of their history, which is to say it fucking kills.

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