Friday, April 3, 2015

Uniweria Zekt - 1971 - The Unnamables

Uniweria Zekt
The Unnamables

01. You speak and speak and colegram
02. Altcheringa
03. Clementine
04. Something’s cast a spell
05. Ourania
06. Africa anteria
07. Undia

- Christian Vander / drums, percussion, voice (6)
- Klaus Blasquiz / vocals (4 & 7), percussion
- Francois Cahen / pianos
- Francis Moze / bass, organ
- Teddy Lasry / saxes, flute, organ
- Jeff Seffer / saxes
- Tito Puentes / trumpet
- Claude Engel / electric & acoustic guitar
- Zabu / vocals (2)
- Lionel Ledissez / vocals (4)

This is a hidden MAGMA record under a different name. This is MAGMA with a guest vocalist and a guest trumpet player. It was Laurent Thibault's idea to do this, he produced MAGMA's debut record and now had his own record label called "Theieme". He reasoned with both Vander and MAGMA's record label "Philips" that if the band did a record of easier to get into material on the first side of the album, and then did their Zeuhl on the other side of the album it would attract new fans and make them better known. Besides Thibault really wanted MAGMA on his label, and in this way he had a piece of them, sort of. The first band Thibault signed to his new label was ERGO SUM who is on our site here. Thibault actually enlisted the vocalist from that band to sing one of the songs on this album.

The first side of the album consisted of five songs that combined both the Jazz and Rock styles similar to BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS and CHICAGO. Lots of horns and very accessible. "You Speak And Speak Colegram" is a Lasry tune that is uptempo with plenty of free sax lines and guitar solos. The drums are of course prominant and the organ chips in as well. "Altcheringa" is a Cahen tune that did bring BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS to mind mainly because of the David Clayton Thomas-like vocals from Zabu. This is a very catchy song. Nice guitar solo before 2 minutes as the bass throbs. "Clementine" is a Lasry composition. It consists of only acoustic guitar and flute throughout. This is such a beautiful song, a piece of heaven really. I can't believe this is MAGMA but it is.

"Something's Cast a Spell " is another Lasry tune although the lyrics were taken from an ERGO SUM song from their debut album. The lead singer from that band sings on this one as well. Sax really dominates although we get a great guitar solo from Engel after a pastoral section. "Ourania" is a Vander tune and the last song on side one. Flute and guitar start us off before some crazy sax and discordant guitar follow. I like the drum patterns from Vander on this one.

Side two is Zeuhl and both songs were composed by Vander. "Africa Anteria" features some good bass and the sax and piano form a great team. The sax gets a little dissonant and the bass is relentless as they seem to jam for about 5 minutes. We get those bizarre shouts from Vander and before that a drum solo that is apparently (according to the liner notes) the only recorded drum solo that VANDER did. "Undia" features Blasquiz singing in Kobaian. The song starts off quietly and builds to a full sound. Great drumming on this one and this pattern of starting softly and building in sound happens a second time.



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