Monday, April 20, 2015

The Savage Rose - 1968 - The Savage Rose

The Savage Rose 
The Savage Rose

01. Your Sign/My Sign 3:10
02. Open Air Shop 5:40
03. You Be Free 1:25
04. Oh Baby Where Have You Gone 2:10
05. A Girl I Knew 4:40
06. Everybody Must Know 3:56
07. Savage Rose 2:40
08. Her Story 4:37
09. White Swans Marriage Clothes 2:25
10. Sleep 1:57
11. You'll Be Alright 3:18

Bass – Jens Rugsted
Drums – Alex Riel
Guitar – Flemming Ostermann
Harpsichord – Ile Maria Koppel
Organ, Words By – Anders Koppel
Piano, Music By – Thomas Koppel
Vocals – Annisette

A rather interesting piece of psych I guess but there are jazz influences and even prog sounds on this album.  The obvious distinction that at times overtakes the music is the powerful female vocals.  Overall the album was pretty good with nothing really standing out as superb but nothing bad.  The opening track is a somewhat odd mix of jumpy basslines, some odd keyboard effects and almost forceful female singing.  "Open Air Shop" contains a frenetic keyboard at front with a wash of bass and guitar in the background, which makes for a pretty interesting track.  The one minute drum solo however could have been left off and the track loses nothing.  I like the straight forward rock of "Oh Baby Where Have You Gone" while the title track brings on some piano and pastoral flute to augment the solid bass and drums.

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