Monday, April 20, 2015

The Savage Rose - 1968 - In The Plain

The Savage Rose 
In The Plain

01. Long Before I Was Born 3:21
02. I'm Walking Through the Door 4:31
03. Let's See Her 3:55
04. Ride My Mountain (Jade) 5:42
05. The Shepherd & Sally 5:20
06. His Own Happiness 1:52
07. Gods Little Hand 2:26
08. Evenings Child 3:30
09. A Trial in Our Native Town 7:10

Bass – Jens Rusted
Drums – Alex Riel
Guitar – Nils Tuxen
Organ, Vocals, Lyrics By – Anders Koppel
Piano, Harpsichord – Maria
Piano, Vocals, Music By – Thomas Koppel
Vocals – Annisette

Some of the most powerful and memorable music I've ever heard. It's all in the first track "Long Before I Was Born" and just continues on from there. When Annisette sings, sailing, everybody's gone sailing over that building mountain of wailing sound in "The Shepherd & Sally", it just sends shivers down my spine. And then she and her powerful and eclectic band close it with a bloodbath called "A Trial In Our Native Town." Just staggering stuff. A writer called her Minnie Mouse on Belladonna. That's incredibly close to my ears. What emotional power Minnie Mouse on Belladonna has here though. Floored solid.



  2. Thank you very much, Drago. Please, more The Savage Rose