Wednesday, April 15, 2015

STS - 1997 - Systeme Solaire

Systeme Solaire

01. Terre        
02. Lune    
03. Mercure
04. Vénus    
05. Soleil    
06. Mars    
07. Jupiter    
08. Saturne    
09. Kether        

Bass – Jannick Top
Drums – Claude Salmieri
Guitar [guest] – Thibault Abrial
Saxophone – Eric Seva

Concert enregistré live au "baiser salé" à Paris, Octobre 1997

Here's a disc that shows what bassist extraordinaire Jannick Top (best known for his proto-Ruins composition "De Futura" on Magma's 1976 album "Udu Wudu") has been up to lately. STS is his trio with sax player Eric Seva and drummer Claude Salmieri, and "System Solaire" is a live concert recording from '97, for which they were joined by guest guitarist Thibault Abrial. The nine planetarily-aligned tracks are both moody and energetic, dark jazz fusion with heavy Magma touches (Top and the drummer lock into some unmistakably Magmoid grooves), and the guitar adds a definite psych-rock element" - Aquarius

STS is a jazz-band led by saxophonist Eric SEVA, and by a dream rhytmic section composed of bassist Jannick TOP (MAGMA) and drummer Claude SALMIERI (PAGA GROUP). The Zeuhl influences are here quite evident all along this one-hour concert, something that creates an impressive experience out of "Système Solaire" (1996), a little in the same way ONE SHOT did.

A long time on the rumour front, and only encountered almost a decade after their inception, STS are the trio of: Claude Salmieri (drums), Jannick Top (bass) and Eric Seva (sax), often documented with a guest on guitar.
SYSTEME SOLAIRE (GT Productions) is from a gig in Paris, October 1997, and sees them finding a footing somewhere between the usual sophisticated French jazz-rock of the 1980's and all sorts of Zeuhl-isms. The playing is very technical, with lots of effects and processing, all subtly adding to the texture and clearly defining it as a modern product. Guest guitarist Thibault Arial is quite a boon when he's let loose and he sizzles in a John McLaughlin fashion, with a slight edge of metal (obviously due to the modern guitar effects he uses), and there are a lot of other sounds in the mix that are not instrumentally credited, no doubt created by modern technical wizardry!




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