Saturday, April 4, 2015

Stella Vander - 2002 - D'Epreuves D'Amour

Stella Vander
D'Epreuves D'Amour

01. J'ai vu le roi 3:42
02. La nuit du chasseur 1:58
03. Ma seule enfant 4:57
04. Ronde de nuit 8:27
05. Hello 11:22
06. I Have a Love 2:57
07. Anahë 8:05
08. Colors of the Rainbow 4:05
09. Nature Boy 2:50
10. Innocent 2:45

Stella VANDER: vocals, backing vocals, arrangements, flute
Pierre-Michel SIVADIER: keyboards, arrangements, Fender Rhodes, piano, backing vocals
Emmanuel BORGHI: keyboards, piano
Christian VANDER: piano, keyboards, arrangments, percussions
Julie VANDER: backing vocals, percussions
Isabelle FEUILLEBOIS: vocals, percussions
Alex FERRAND: saxophone, backing vocals
OGUN: percussions
Philippe BUSSONNET: percussions

"D'ÉPREUVES D'AMOUR" is an album of pure poetry, innocence, light charm and reserve which appeals to the child within each of us. It is a magic and unqiue work. Accompanied by Christian VANDER and the musicians from OFFERING, Stella sings, in her evanescent and innocent voice, with its aura of secret melancholy, melodies which ring like the echo of a distant chiming bell. A beautiful, moving and spellbinding album.

Eclectic (she sings in French, English ... and Kobaian, songs by Christian Vander, Sondheim, Lonnie Liston Smith ...), dreamy (lot of echo), on arrangements dominated by keyboards. A complete artist, Stella Vander also conceived the elegant packaging (inspired by the style of a famous French publishing house).

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