Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Patrick Gauthier - 1993 - Sur les Flots Verticaux

Patrick Gauthier
Sur les Flots Verticaux

01. Des Pygmées Dans La Ville (6:32)
02. Sur Les Flots Verticaux (9:59)
03. Le Train Fantôme (7:17)
04. Odessa (4:10)
05. Eleutheren (8:16)
06. Zawinul (8:25)

- Patrick Gauthier / piano, programming
- Alain Bellaiche / vocals, guitar
- Pierre Marcault / percussions
- Antoine Paganotti / drums
- Christian Mathurin / bass
- Marc Eliard / bass
- Bénédicte Ragu / vocals
- Julie Vander / vocals
- Stella Vander / vocals

In contrast to BEBE GODZILLA, a solo album recorded with the help of a galaxy of musician friends, SUR LES FLOTS VERTICAUX presents music composed by PATRICK GAUTHIER but played, this time, by a group dedicated to the task. The result of this collective effort is a greater sense of musical unity and the introduction of new colours which bring greater richness to the compositions. The great novelty of this disc is the added dimension of vocals, marvellously performed by Stella and Julie VANDER, Benedicte RAGU and Alain BELLAICHE. The exceptional rhythm work creates a shifting atmosphere, as much coming from the subtle drumming of Antoine PAGANOTTI as the African coloration added by the brilliant Pierre MARCAULT.