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Patrick Gauthier - 1980 - Bebe Godzilla

Patrick Gauthier 
Bebe Godzilla

01. Bébé Godzilla (5:35)
02. Le Grand Maître-Orient (2:19)
03. Mixtur Trautonium (2:53)
04. Benoît Et Les Riverboppers (4:10)
05. Heldon (4:25)
06. Riding On White Horses (1:37)
07. En Passant Par La Transylvanie (4:53)
08. Nör (8:17)

Patrick Gauthier / Keyboards, Marimba, Piano [El-piano], Polymoog
Bernard Paganotti / Bass
Christian Vander / Drums
Richard Pinhas / Guitar, Performer [Moog Programming]
Didier Batard / Bass
Yvon Guillard / Bugle
Alain Guillard / Flute [Bass]
Pierre Blanchard / Violin
David Rose / Violin
François Auger / Drums
Dominique Bertram / Bass
Aldo Romano / Drums
Alan Bellaïche / Percussion
Benoît Widemann / Synthesizer [Mini-moog]
Jean Pierre Fouquey / Synthesizer [Mini-moog]
Jean Philippe Goude / Synthesizer [Mini-moog]
Kirt Rust / Drums
Cooky Rhynocéros / Guitar, Guitar [Slide]
Steve Shehan / Percussion
Sylvain Marc / Bass
Clément Bailly / Drums
Patricio Villaroel / Tabla
Alain Renaud / Guitar
Michel Ettori / Guitar

Patrick Gauthier is quite accomplished as a prog keyboardist. He studied orchestration and harmony in college, but soon found himself lulled to the emerging world of analog synthesizers. He was soon a member of pioneering progressive-electronic group Heldon, and has performed on all of their albums. He toured with Magma and appeared on one track of Udu Wudu before quitting the band to form Weidorje with ex-Magma bassist Bernard Paganotti. Weidorje transformed into the Paganotti-led Paga before falling apart, and Gauthier then returned to Heldon. His solo career includes several albums which each feature a rather incredible cast of ex-Heldon, Magma, and Weidorje members.

 This is Patrick Gauthier's debut album released in 1981. Patrick played keyboards in the bands WEIDORJE, HELDON and briefly with MAGMA. He has a huge guest list here including many of his former band mates from the groups I mentioned. I should tell you that Richard Pinhas from HELDON helped to mix, engineer and produce this record, oh and he also plays guitar and adds some moog programming. Vander, Paganotti, Bertram and Widemann from MAGMA are on here, all the members of WEIDORJE, and also four members from HELDON. And many others.

"Bebe Godzilla" really impresses me because of Christian Vander's drum work and Paganotti's bass lines. Lots of piano from Gauthier here but check out Vander ! Pinhas comes in on guitar after 2 1/2 minutes making some wondrous noise. "Le Grand-Maitre Orient" is dedicated to Christian Vander and he also plays on it. Didier Batard from HELDON plays electric bass and we get the Guillard brothers from WEIDORJE on wind instruments.This is uptempo with so much going on. All these intricate sounds coming and going. Vander once again impresses. Some marimbas and violin as well. "Mixture-Trautorium" opens with electronics from Pinhas before David Rose comes in on violin. Auger from HELDON is on drums here. "Benoit Et Les Riverboppers" features three guys playing mini-moog. Bertram is on electric bass. This is a top three track for me. Love the bass, electric piano and drums throughout this song. So much going on. A collage of sounds.

"Heldon" is dedicated of course to Richard Pinhas. Kirt Rust from WEIDORJE is on drums here, Paganotti on bass. The piano sounds great from Gauthier.The tempo picks up before 3 minutes with some outstanding drum work. "Riding On White Horses" is a short piece with Steve Shehan on percussion. We can hear other sounds as well. "En Passant Par La Transylvanie" is another top three tune. Gauthier plays some Hammond on this one while Pinhas is on guitar. Lots going on with all these intricate sounds. Drums 2 minutes in with organ to follow. "Nor" is dedicated to WEIDORJE and is my final top three. Love the intro. Lots of guitar on here and Widemann offers up a mini-moog solo. The drumming from Rust is so crisp 2 1/2 minutes in. Pinhas on guitar 7 1/2 minutes in.

This is an all-star cast who came out to help out their talented friend Patrick Gauthier, and we are the ones who benefit in a big way. Great record.



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