Thursday, April 16, 2015

One Shot - 2006 - Ewaz Vader

One Shot 
Ewaz Vader

01. Ewaz vader (10:32)
02. Fat (15.38)
03. I had a dream / part III et IV (14.47)
04. Missing imperator (13.11)

- EMMANUEL BORGHI/ keyboards
- JAMES MAC GAW/ guitars

 Jazz-Rock from France. Mainly inspired by Mahavishnu Orchestra, but as with seemingly all modern progressive bands from that country, the looming shadow of Magma is unavoidable. Of course, in case of One Shot, that shouldn't surprise anyone. Both the keyboard player Emmanuel Borghi, the guitar player James McGaw and bass sensation Philippe Bussonnet have made regular appearances in the Magma line-up since 2000.

One Shot don't play Zeuhl though, but rather heavily rocking dark instrumental jazz-rock where only the steady rhythms and repetitive bass patterns are reminiscent of Magma. The guitar is much more prominent and also the keyboards add greatly to the sound.

Things start with a blast on Ewaz Vader, a rocking backbeat with drilling Magma bass loops and twirling Fripp guitar riffs. The intensity doesn't drop for a minute on this one. Fat slows the speed to a brooding mid-paced jazz-rock jam with clear Mahavishnu Orcestra influences in the keyboard playing. The track builds up to a wild but controlled chaos. This track has an organic flow and dynamics that most post-rock bands can only dream of. Also I Had A Dream starts in a pensive jazzy mood before it starts shifting gears to its furious finale. Missing Imperator is another one for the Crimson fans, with its abundance of heavy riffs and groovy drum and bass interplay.

Listening to these musicians makes you speechless, so proficient yet playing so tightly together. Why is this band so obscure? I also wouldn't have heard of them if it wasn't for PA's Master Of Dark Prog-Arts Sinkadotentree. Thanks mate!

This album should mesmerise every fan of King Crimson's Red and Mahavishnu Orchestra in a heavy rock-out mood. Also the masses supporting bands like Magma, Guapo and Nebelnest should watch out for this.



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