Friday, April 3, 2015

Magma - 2015 - Šlaǧ Tanz

Šlaǧ Tanz

01. Imëhntösz - Alerte! (2:19)
02. Slag (3:03)
03. Dümb (2:57)
04. Vers la nuit (3:30)
05. Dümblaë - Le silence des mondes (2:58)
06. Zü Zaïn! (2:16)
07. Slag Tanz (2:29)
08. Wohldünt (1:23)

- Stella Vander / Vocals
- Isabelle Feuillebois / Vocals
- Hervé Aknin / Vocals
- Benoit Alziary / Vibraphone
- James Mac Gaw / Guitar
- Jérémie Ternoy / Piano, Fender Rhodes
- Philippe Bussonnet / Bass Guitar
- Christian Vander / Drums, Piano, Vocals on "Wohldünt"

Jazz Village's exciting new Magma series primarily focuses on classic recordings, reissued in celebration of the band's 45th anniversary. However, Slag Tanz — a masterpiece of symphonic metal — has previously only been heard in live performance. Not surprisingly, the album radiates with all of Magma's singular intensity. Powerful, hypnotic and unclassifiable, there has been absolutely nothing to compare to them in the last fifty years.

I thought after KA, they made their point and should rest. At least they'd go out with a bang, their best album since the 70s and since their masterpiece, MDK (Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh). I was wrong. I also need to go back and get Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré, which I had somehow skipped.

So basically, we're in 2015 and this is a new 20-minute opus from Magma titled Šlaǧ Tanz (pronounced Schlag Tanz, btw). It turns out, they're still as exotic and alien sounding, with odd time signatures, a very Carl Orff-ish vocal approach and most of the lyrics in Kobaïan, of course.

This is very good, honestly. It's definitely Magma and they still don't show any sign of getting boring or any less strange, haha. Everything works very well here, be it the intense "Dümb" and what I would call the main attraction here, "Dümblaë - Le Silence des Mondes". You even have a nicely ominous and creepy outro to round it up.

In all seriousness , Magma fans will be very happy and the only possible negative point to me is the shortness of this little album, at only just under 21 minutes. Still, there's a repeat button for that!

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