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Magma - 2006 - Mythes Et Legendes Epok II

Mythes Et Legendes Epok II

01. Wurdah Ïtah (48:58)
02. Mëkanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh (42:52)
03. Suite pour Violoncelle Nº 3. BWV 1009 (2:19)
04. Quadrivium (3:55)
05. De Futura (21:08)

du mardi 17 au samedi 21 mai

- Stella Vander / vocals, percussion
- Antoine Paganotti / vocals
- Himiko Paganotti / vocals
- Isabelle Feuillebois / vocals
- James Mac Gaw / guitar, vocals
- Emmanuel Borghi / keyboards, Fender Rhodes
- Frédéric d'Oelsnitz / keyboards, Fender Rhodes
- Philippe Bussonnet / bass, piccolo bass
- Jannick Top / bass
- Christian Vander / drums

Magma plays in a relatively small venue, the stage is perhaps a big tight for this big arrangements of Magma: drums, bass, Rodes piano 2x, guitar and three vocalists. When comparing the footage with dvd's of the big symphonic prog-bands it becomes clear this is a relatively amateurish film-crew. The good thing is Magma apparently doesn't need a big expensive production in order to make a fantastic dvd, as M&T volume I already proved.

Why? Because Magma plays awfully hard, technical and emotional music as perfect as possible. It's simply amazing to see Christian Vander play the drums with total commitment, to see the four vocalists sing very intensive material, the concentration of the players behind the Rhodes pianos and of course the fast fingers on the often distorted bass-guitar by Philippe Bussonnet (who is accompanied by Top in MDK and De Futura). Additionally James Mac Gaw gives a double performance by singing on Wurdah Itah, whilst playing guitar on MDK and De Futura. The vocal cast is excellent with the enchanting Stella Vander, the Paganotti duo (with perhaps my favorite male vocalist of Magma) and Isabelle Feuillebois who is still a Magma member to this day. Klaus Blasquiz also joint on De Futura.

The versions of Wurdah Itah are both strong. MDK has a thick duo-bass sound, but no wind- section like on the Theusz Hamtaahk - Trilogie Au Trianon dvd. Since both track were also played on that gig and dvd this M&L volume II is actually a bit unnecessary. Luckily the live version of De Futura is here to safe the day.

..but... it just didn't. I don't like the studio version to much, but I must say this opportunity to renew the otherwise flat piece has been a bit disappointing. The long opening section is played in a much lower pace, making it a bit silly. The second halve of the piece is played at a bizarre speed, which also turns out to sound.. a bit silly. The piece didn't have the Magma kind of intelligent compositions (instead it has freaky a-tonal bass-loops origination from Jannick Top), but now it has also lost direction. The great vocals of the vocal crew, with now additionally Klaus Blasquiz, improve the sound of the piece a lot, but is unable to safe the day.

Just before De Futura Jannick Top plays some very hard bass-parts, but it doesn't sound very interesting to me. A classical piece played on bass-guitar just doesn't improve it.

Conclusion. This dvd isn't as essential to me as part one of the series. Both MDK & Wurdah Itah were recorded perfectly (with same amazing vocal crew) at the Theusz Hamtaahk - Trilogie Au Trianon dvd and the live version of De Futura doesn't impress me at all. Still this is strong dvd for fans, who can't get enough version of their beloved Magma pieces. Furthermore, I'm convinced the live version of De Futura is going to make a lot of other fans much happier then it made me (as I didn't like the piece before). This dvd is thus recommended to fans of Magma, whilst I recommend the Theusz Hamtaahk - Trilogie Au Trianon for all others (which fans should already own!). Three stars for Magma, they just have some better live documents.

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