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Le Grand Blues Band - 1992 - Le Grand Blues Band

Le Grand Blues Band 
Le Grand Blues Band

01. Walking by Myself 3:38
02. Stanley's Hop 3:47
03. Le Grand Blues Band 4:04
04. Caledonia 3:09
05. Fallin' Back in Love With You 6:10
06. The Duck 3:30
07. Witch Queen of New Orleans 4:40
08. Tobacco Road 2:57
09. Everybody Get Up 5:09
10. Mystery Train 4:48
11. Brett's Stuff 3:32
12. Satisfy Suzy 3:37
13. Odd Rush 1:47
14. Le Grand Blues Band (Encore) 0:20

Philippe LEROUX - Drums
Laurent COKELAERE - Bass
Arnaud DUNOYER DE SEGONZAC - Keyboards
Marco PAPAZIAN - Guitar
Jean-Do SALLABERRY - Guitar
Klaus BLASQUIZ - Vocals & Percussion

During the Spring ’89 Michel FUGAIN tour, four of his musicians decided to form a group to play the music they love and share: the blues. They are Laurent COKELAERE, Philippe LEROUX, Arnaud DUNOYER and Marco PAPAZIAN; Jean-Do SALLABERRY soon joined them.

The GRAND BLUES BAND really started up with the arrival of Klaus BLASQUIZ, as you well know, a multi-faceted artist whose career started in blues bands during the sixties before he joined MAGMA (between 1969 and 1981), then he sang with the ODEURS (at the beginning of the 80's) as well as writing for the rock magazines (Rock et Folk…).
Since the autumn of 1989, the group has been giving over fifty concerts per year in many Parisien clubs, sometimes with major artists like Mino CINELU, Slim BATTEUX or Jean-Jacques MILTEAU.

The GRAND BLUES BAND music is a well-balanced mixture of blues, southern rock, Cajun and even salsa music. Their songs include covers from many masters of the blues (RY COODER, LITTLE FEAT, STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, ROBBEN FORD), as well as their own original recordings in the rock/blues style.
Le grand Blues band
CD (New Rose 422430)

Their debut CD is of course not Zeuhl music or avant-rock and therefore would not normally be mentioned in Ork Alarm! But of course any album that features Klaus could be of interest to many of you, especially if your tastes in music stretch beyond the pretty restrictive ground we usually cover. I’m no fan of the blues, (except for Beefheart) but I can tell you that the musicianship is excellent and Klaus’ vocals are in perfect English (thanks to all those ZZ TOP and DOOBIE BROTHERS albums in his collection, no doubt). Highlights of this 51 minute album are a fine rendition of ‘Tobacco Road’ (J.D. Loudermilk) and ‘Walking by myself (J. Rodgers). My favourite piece however was the classic ‘Witch queen of New Orleans’. Apart from those, there are as mentioned above, several tracks which are more straight rock composed by the group, such as ‘Brett’s stuff’ by Arnaud Dunoyer which is melodically pleasant if not particularly adventurous. A more stirring rock tune is ‘Stanleys hop’ written by Milteau who guests on this album, as do Batteaux and the excellent guitarist, Jean-Michel Kajdan (ex-Alien).

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