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Jannick Top - 2008 - Infernal Machina

Jannick Top
Infernal Machina

01. Part I (7:24)
02. Part II (4:29)
03. Part III (4:12)
04. Part IV (4:15)
05. Part V (5:09)
06. Part VI (5:52)
07. Part VII (4:22)
08. Part VIII (3:49)
09. Part IX (4:42)
10. Part X (3:13)
11. Part XI (4:27)
12. Resolutio (5:36)

- Jannick Top / bass, cello, cellobass, percussion, voices
- Christian Vander / drums
- Damien Schmitt / drums
- Marc Chantereau / percussion
- James McGaw / guitar
- François Delfin / guitar
- Thibault Abrial / guitar
- Jim Grandcamp / guitar
- Fabien Colella / keyboards, computing
- Mathias Lecomte / grand piano
- Klaus Blasquiz / voice
- Natalia Ermilova / voice
- Veronika Boulytcheva / voice
- Stella Vander / backing vocals
- Himiko Paganotti / backing vocals
- Antoine Paganotti / backing vocals

This is an absolute monster ! Jannick Top is back ! I was awestruck by his "Soleil D'Ork" album from 2001, which was really a compilation album of songs he had done over the years. If it's possible this one is even better.This is really one long suite divided into 11 parts, plus there is the concluding track "Rosolution". All the tracks blend into each other, at times you wouldn't know when one part ends and another starts, and at other times there is a change, but the music never stops.This album builds up slowly to a feverish pitch that is dark, heavy and relentless. It's so exciting to have a new Zeuhl album to listen to in 2008. Christian and Stella Vander guest, as does Klaus Blasquis and James Mac Gaw, among many others. What I like about Top's two solo records more than MAGMA's recordings are how heavy, dark and furious they are.

"Part I" opens with spacey sounds as slowly played piano comes in. Deep bass growls come and go slowly as well, including some cellobass and fuzz bass. This is all so cool sounding. Female vocal melodies or chants come in after 4 1/2 minutes to join the piano and bass. This "Part I" is the longest section at 7 1/2 minutes. "Part II" continues with what went on before along with some heavy industrial sounds. The tempo is picking up. Drums pound slowly as the bass growls and female vocal melodies join in. "Part III" opens with the first change as we get guitar riffs to open as female vocal melodies continue. Drums and bass both create the bottom end as guitars continues to light it up. The tempo picks up 3 minutes in. Awesome sound ! "Part IV" begins with a heavy and angry sound before Blasquis comes in with his unmistakable vocals. The sound pulses slowly and heavily. Piano joins in. Guitar comes in very late as it blends into "Part V" where we get more of a beat as the guitar makes some noise. Here comes that pulsating bass. Fantastic sound ! The tempo picks up before 3 minutes as female vocal melodies come in and the guitar continues. The tempo picks up another notch 4 minutes in. The guitar is great.

"Part VI" continues with the same melody as the sound is getting very intense. This has to be heard to be believed ! They even go one better 2 minutes in. A furious pace. I can't believe how long this goes on ! It's almost 3 1/2 minutes in before we get relief when the guitar comes in ripping it up. Then that relentless melody comes back briefly then stops as the guitar lights it up again. The drumming is off the charts, has to be Vander ! An absolute frenzy ! It all finally ends as "Part VII" starts with piano melodies and lighter drums and bass. The drums and bass become more prominant 2 minutes in. Male vocal melodies arrive, and check out the drumming. "Part VIII" continues with same melody. It's getting more intense as piano continues. It lightens 2 1/2 minutes in and continues into "Part IX" but the bass and drums take over as it starts to get dark and heavy. Lots of bottom end during this part. The intensity is rising. Guitar comes in around 4 minutes to add to the hysteria. Male vocal melodies arrive. "Part X" continues with the same sound. Great sound 2 minutes in. "Part XI" continues with the riffs and heavy drums. Nice. Female vocal melodies come in and then piano. Blasquiz too as they go for the dramatic finale. "Rosolution" is very interesting sounding. Experimental might be the word as drums keep a steady beat. Sounds cool though. Riffs and female vocal melodies 2 minutes in. It ends just like the first song began, in that same spacey manner.

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