Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Heldon - 1998 - Only Chaos Is Real

Only Chaos Is Real

01. Only chaos is real (4:50)
02. Les Racines du mal (5:02)
03. Le Plan (8:42)
04. Holy Dolly (7:55)
05. Brighter than a thousand suns (6:05)
06. Next level (7:07)
07. Mutant monkey (5:42)
08. Ubik (7:07)
09. Last level (7:20)

- David Korn / vocals
- Antoine Paganotti / drums
- Olivier Manchion / bass guitar
- Norman Spinrad / lyrics and additional vocals
- Maurice G. Dantec / lyrics, analog synthesizers
- Richard Pinhas / guitar metatronic process & electronic

- Alain Ranval / side guitar on "Holy Dolly"
- Duncan Nilsson / side guitar on "Holy Dolly"
- Bernard Paganotti / bass guitar on "Le Plan", "Ubik"
- Benoît Widemann / organ, synths, Minimoog bass
- Alain Bellaïche / side guitar on "Ubik"
- Philippe Laurent / electroloop on "Only Chaos is Real"

 And a very strange Heldon album it is, indeed!!!! Why did Richard Pinhasfeel the need to reform (or at least record under the name of ) this group? I mean this record does not even approach at all the concept of Heldon.

We have here a strange cross of Punk vocals , Techno beats and the usual repetitive minimalism (that R. Pinhas is well known for), the whole thing not really sounding progressive no matter how experimental this is. Not that this album is bad, I found it quite interesting after two listens, but I cannot guarantee that I will listen to it more than twice after writing this review (I usually do re-listen to see if the text I wrote does fit well my feeling). Please note the musical help of a few Magma-related musicians such as Wideman and the father-son duo Paganotti, but this is withouit any effect on the music..

Actually , unlike most Heldon albums , the emphasis appears to be in the texts (the huge majority of Heldon in the 70's was instrumental) and they are rather deep , thoughtfull, tortuous and a bit revolutionary.

However the revolt of the lyrics (in French for the most part but consequent percentage is also English), this album should only appeal to confirmed Pinhas fans and not really to progheads looking for yet another stunning work such as Heldon had developped in the 70's.

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