Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Heldon - 1975 - It's Always Rock And Roll

It's Always Rock And Roll

01. ICS Machnique (4:11)
02. Cotes de cachalot à la psylocybine (8:35)
03. Méchamment rock (3:33)
04. Cocaine Blues (9:42)
05. Aurore (18:13)
06. Virgin Swedish Blues (7:27)
07. Ocean Boogi (5:53)
08. Zind Destruction (8:22)
09. Doctor Bloodmoney (16:49)

- Richard Pinhas / ARP & VCS3 Synthesizers, guitars, bass, Mellotron
- George Grunblatt / Mellotron, guitars (2 & 7)
- Patrick Gauthier / ARP synthesizers (9)
- Gilbert Artman / drums (3)
- Jean My Truong / drums (9)
- Ariel Kalma / Indian Harmonium (5)

This is HELDON's third album and it's a double with 85 minutes of music on it. Rather ambitious no doubt, but after his first two albums i'm not surprised that Richard Pinhas would be wanting to take on the world. Like most doubles this is very much a hit and miss affair. Richard composed all the songs except for "Ocean Boogi" which happens to be a George Grunblat tune. Very cool to see that Jean-My Truong from ZAO is playing drums on "Doctor Bloodmoney". Patrick Gauthier guests on synths on the same track.

"ICS Machinique" features these interesting sounds that are like mini outbursts of thunder. Synths eventually join in. "Cotes De Cachalet Ala Psylocybine" has this electronic beat, then the guitar comes in making some noise before 2 minutes. The guitar becomes really prominant 5 minutes in. "Mechammment Rock" is my favourite. Drums and bass to open before the synths join in. The guitar starts to rip it up. Awesome sound ! Gilbert Artman the leader from LARD FREE guests on drums. How cool is that ! "Cocaine Blues" features pulsating electronics as other sounds come in. A deeper sound then takes over as other sounds come in. So much going on here. By the way the first disc is my favourite.

Disc two begins with "Aurore" which features some guest Indian harmonium.This is very repetitive. Dogs come in barking before 15 minutes to add a new dimension, but at over 18 minutes in length this is a long one. "Virgin Swedish Blues" has these spacey sounds as the guitar tastefully plays. Mellotron in this one as well. "Ocean Boogi" is my favourite of disc two. The acoustic guitar, bass and spacey sounds all sound so good. Electric guitar arrives after 2 minutes. Mellotron follows. Such a good track. "Zind Destruction" is dedicated to "the man on the guitar" which I assume is Robert Fripp. The guitar sounds so psychedelic here as Richard lights it up. The sounds pulsate as Pinhas solos away. "Doctor Bloodmoney" is the almost 17 minute closer. Lots of spacey synths including Patrick Gauthiers solo. Jean comes in on the drums 12 1/2 minutes in right to the end. Some excellent moments from him here.

An excellent double album.



  2. A great double opus truly experimental and "anarchic" wich open the door to what Heldon will be from the 4th beautiful, 'Agneta Nilson" LP.