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Francois Jeanneau - 1976 - Techniques Douces

Francois Jeanneau - 
Techniques Douces

01. Autrefois Les Baleines 8:04
02. En Marge 5:52
03. O'Kunide 4:45
04. Techniques Douces 4:27
05. Heliodanse 6:15
06. Le Lynx 9:26
07. Pour Quelques Arbres 5:48
08. Techniques Douces 4:16

All titles composed & arranged by Francois Jeanneau
Recorded at Sysmo records Studio in Paris, june 1976

Frangois Jeanneau - soprano, alto, tenor saxophone
Michel Graillier - piano
J.F. Jenny-Clark - bass
Aldo Romano - drums, percussions

Free-flowing and angular reed work from Francois Jeanneau – a fair bit more soulful than you might guess from the "techniques" in the title! The setting is relaxed and almost informal, but moves along with that subtle sense of groove that often marked the best Owl Records sessions from years back – a rhythmic approach that comes from the flowing piano of Michel Graillier, the punctuated bass of JF Jenny-Clark, and the tight drum work of Aldo Romano. Jeanneau's out sometimes, but mostly just fluidly exploratory – a bit post-Coltrane, but with more space between the notes at times. Titles include "En Marge", "Autrefois Les Baleines", "Heliodanse", "Le Lynx", and "Techniques Douces".

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