Saturday, April 4, 2015

Francis Moze - 1982 - Naissance

Francis Moze

01. Jocelyn
02. Sophia    
03. Chanson Pour Les Enfants    
04. Mort D'un Homme
05. Naissance    
06. Attention    

Bass Guitar [Fretless],Piano, Clavinet Composed By – Francis Moze
Drums – Marc Hazon
Guitar – Marc Ducret
Percussion – Max Façon
Piano, Synthesizer – Andy Emler

Francis Moze is one of many ex-Magma alumni to have pursued a short career in the fusion field. Perhaps the most overt of these attempts was the collaboration of Lockwood, Top, Vander & Widemann, and their 1981 album so subtlety entitled "Fusion". It's not overly surprising, given that Magma were at heart a jazz group right from the beginning. However by the time of "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh", the band had become so creative, it spawned an entire music movement that still survives today: Zeuhl.

Moze was a veteran of the early Magma lineups, and later turned up on a couple of the more fusion oriented Gong ensembles. Thus his one sole album flew under the radar, unlike his bass playing brethren such as Paganotti and Top. The album really gains momentum as it goes. Personally I'm a big fan of the McCoy Tyner styled staccato piano, and Moze's band utilizes this technique to great effect, propelling the music forward at an exciting rate. Very nice record from perhaps a surprising source.

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