Friday, April 17, 2015

Coeur Magique - 1971 - Wakan Tanka

Coeur Magique 
Wakan Tanka

01 - Pacha
02 - Mademoiselle Marie
03 - Scène de Ménage
04 - Le Cocotier Pt. 1
05 - Le Cocotier Pt. 2
06 - Wakan Tanka
07 - Ellocia

Bass – Didier Lessage
Drums, Percussion – Laurent Marino
Guitar, Percussion – Claude Olmos
Vocals – Harry Seur

Recorded from 16 to 30 March 1971 at Studio Michel Magne, Château d'Hérouville.
Gatefold Sleeve

Very good album, and one of my favourite rock releases issued on the French "BYG" record label.
The music is a mix of hard rock/psych, with lots of guitars, and pounding rhythm section. At first listen, I really wondered why this album wasn't better known by the music buying public at the time (label, and marketing obviously), as in my opinion it deserves more recognition today. I hate to make comparisons, but playing it recently, I can't help but hear bits of early Gong circa "Continental Circus" within these grooves, particularly on the opening track "Pacha".

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