Friday, April 3, 2015

Christian Vander Quartet - 1999 - Au Sunset

Christian Vander Quartet 
Au Sunset

01. Brazilia 13:48
02. Transition 14:27
03. Impressions 18:53
04. Naïma 16:14
05. 65 ! 7:39

Yannick RIEU: saxophone
Emmanuel BORGHI: piano
Emmanuel GRIMONPREZ: bass
Christian VANDER: drums

Since 1987 the Trio - today comprised of Emmanuel Borghi, Emmanuel Grimonprez and Christian Vander - has been so tight that it seems as if the three men play with a single breath. However, the addition of saxophonist Yannick Rieu to the group will undoubtedly create a new and different Alchemy.

Breaking new ground, and exploring new aspects of the spirit of John Coltrane's music, this quartet continues its never-ending quest down the boundless pathways first set out by the great saxophonist. As day follows night so this music captures essential meaning through the unselfconscious serendipity of improvisation...

Without premeditation.

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