Friday, April 3, 2015

Christian Vander - 2002 - Les Cygnes Et Les Corbeaux

Christian Vander
Les Cygnes Et Les Corbeaux

01. Des Profondeurs (1:31)
02. Sahïss Siïaaht (5:01)
03. La Vent (2:28)
04. En Avancant Vers le Vent (1:02)
05. La Semeur Vers le Nord (0:59)
06. La Semeur Vers l'Ouest (1:49)
07. Le Semeur Vers le Sud (2:09)
08. Le Ciel de l'Océan (2:17)
09. Les Cygnes et Les Corbeaux Sont Venus (2:09)
10. Vent et Nuees d'Oiseaux (0:38)
11. La Semeur Vers l'Est (3:00)
12. Le Vent Disparait (1:05)
13. Les Oiseaux Bruns (4:00)
14. Les Oiseaux en Colère I (2:13)
15. Les Oiseaux en Colère II (3:49)
16. Les Oiseaux en Colère III (6:35)
17. Les Oiseaux en Colère IV (6:37)
18. Les Oiseaux en Colère V (4:34)
19. Mon Oiseau Est Parti Pour un Dernier Voyage (1:06)
20. Les Oiseaux Blancs et l'Oiseau (1:06)
21. Vers l'Ineluctable (1:19)
22. Chant Unique Pour Appeler l'Oiseau I (1:44)
23. Chant de La Fatalite (2:32)
24. Chant Unique Pour Appeler l'Oiseau II (1:44)
25. Repos (1:29)
26. Chant Posthume (1:41)
27. Des Profondeurs (0:47)

- Christian Vander / Lead vocal, acoustic piano, Fender piano, orchestra keyboards, tambourine, mixing
- Stella Vander / Lead vocal, background vocals, orchestra keyboard programming, mixing

+ Isabelle Feuillebois / Lead vocal, background vocals
+ Julie Vander / Lead vocal, background vocals
+Bénédicte Ragu / Lead vocal, background vocals in L'appel
+ Virginie Coutin / background vocals in L'appel
+ Bertrand Cardiet / Lead vocal in Le ciel de l'océan
+ Alex Ferrand / background vocals in Les oiseaux en colère III & IV
+ Pierre-Michel Sivadier / Keyboard in Prologue

First of all, there is no mistaking that this is a Christian Vander composition. While the familiar overdriven bass, jazzy percussion and trademark imaginary language we have become accustomed to with Zeuhl are not there, Vander's dark brooding vocal arrangements and celestial motif is well intact. Broad operatic choral passages paint a very full and majestic landscape true to form for Christian and his wife Stella. While no specific piece is a direct Magma arrangement, the textures are eerily familiar; and I use the word "eerily" in the broadest and most literal sense. Les Cygnes Et Les Corbeaux is broken up into 27 mostly sub 3 minute movements which flow together seamlessly. At times Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire comes to mind, but the music is more accessible; just plain dark rather than obliquely dissonant.
 I could actually see this piece being appreciated by some listeners, particularly classical listeners, who did not otherwise like Magma or Zeuhl in general. This is a very fine work that should be explored.



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