Friday, April 3, 2015

Christian Vander - 2000 - Korusz

Christian Vander 

101. Korusz 1
102. Korusz 2
103. Korusz 3

201. Korusz 4
202. Korusz 5
203. Korusz 6
204. Korusz 7
205. Versets Nocturnes

The rock drum solo has it detractors.. Those who see it as an exercise in vanity. On the other hand, jazz drummers solo often, and are praised. Christian Vander, the leader of France's famed pro-rock outfit Magma has been straddling the lines between rock, jazz, and contemporary classical music since the late 60's. This two-disc set are live drum solos performed during Magma concerts between 1974-75, and a piano/voice piece studio recording from 2000. Rather than showcases from Vander's technique, and an excuse to extend a tune, these are exorcisims to attain spiritual/musical purity. Along with the solos, and the booklet of musings and philosophies of Vander, one can see that these solos are attempts at enlightenment (Hence, the subtitle- The Search For The Supreme Korusz) So much that these are "exorcisims" that through a few solos, Vander starts yelling and speaking in tounges during the climaxes.. As a person who has seen Vander live, I can attest to his spiritual connection to music. Never have I seen a drummer move around the set so effortessly, and with a look of such bliss. And, I have never seen anyone flail around on a set, yet not miss a beat. The only reason why I have given this three, not more stars, is that drum solos are not for everyone.. And, this disc will have limited appeal for those who are Magma completists or lovers of Vander's drumming. But, I recommend this to anyone who apprieciates something that is more than just "playing".. more like.. "living through playing".

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