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Christian Vander - 1995 - Baba Yaga La Sorcière

Christian Vander 
Baba Yaga La Sorcière

01. Baba Yaga La Sorcière

Mathilde AKIMENKO, Caroline AUBERT, Maud AVIT, Gaëlle AYOUL, Claire-Sophie BERNET, Marion BERNON, Céline BIRAL, Salomé BLECHMANS, Emeline BOUGEAULT, Christelle BOURDAIS, Nelly CHAILLE, Adèle CHALDOREILLE, Marie CHARMION, Pierre CHARMION, Caroline et Virginie CHATAGNER, Benjamin CHENEIWEISS, Aurélie CHOUET, Fabio CHRISTINY, Mickaël CHRISTINY, Frédéric DE PORTZAMPARC, Marie DESCAT, Céline DIARRA, Carine DOURLENT, Alice DUMONTIER, Pierre DUMONTIER, Mona ELKASI, Marie FIERS, Nadia HOUSSAYE, Claudie JOUSSE, Ingrid JOUVIN, Margot KENIGSBERG, Clémentine LAMBERT, Anastasia LEVY, Marcus LINON, Igor LYON-CAEN, Alice MATHIEZ, Chloé MATHIEZ, Grégoire MATHIEZ, Laurianne MINJOLLET, Sarah MOREAU, Flore PERIGOIS, Florine RIERA, Perrine ROSENBERGER, Julia SCHERER, Thomas SEBAN, Deniz SIMSEKEL, Jeanne SIVIEUDE, Alexandre SOKOLOWSKI, Kevin SOLOWSKI, Sonia TAILLEUR, Lucas VALERO, Pablo VALERO, Perrine WACHOWSKI, Daniel WALD, Ronan BEDENNE, Naïma BICEP, Jérôme FAUREL, Emmanuel PAIN, Aude QUILICI, Romain ROCHER, Christine BELLEC, Christine BERTHON, Céline FABRE, Barbara FABRETTI, Ingrid LEROY, Sandrine ROBERT, Céline ROUVEYROL, Cécile DIEBOLD, David BAGURA, Nelly BERNARD, Nicolas BOUVIER, Marie-Béatrice D'ANNA, Laure DEBROISSIA, Frédéric DELACOUR, Martin DUMONT, Hélène FOISSART, Teijad MAZEL, Séverine PANNETIER, Anne-Claire PICARD, Karim STRAHM, Jean-Mathieu WEINMANN. Xavier BUSSY, Philippe BUSSONNET, Vincent DUPUY, Patrice MAZIERES, Dominique NANNINCK.


Recorded on October, 15th, 1995 at the Espace Lumi²re in Epinay-sur-Seine, during the second concert celebrating Magma's 25th birthday, BABA YAGA LA SORCIŽRE is a surprising adaptation of the mythical MEKANIK DESTRUKTIW KOMMANDOH, sung by an impressive choir of young children and played by an instrument ensemble of teenagers, helped for the occasion by five confirmed musicians. After going over the surprising aspect of the whole thing, it must be admitted, though the kobaian incantations have been erased to let children's voices be heard, that the work of Christian Vander has managed to keep all of its power and magic. This also happened thanks to Gaston Tavel, manager of the project and director of the association VACANCES MUSICALES SANS FRONTIŽRES, which proves alongside that it is possible, contrary to what is usually shown by the surrounding culture for children, to realise shows with children, which have a truly creative quality.

 First point is that this is really an EP and not a proper album, as it's cut down considerably (no thundering bass solos here, folks- sorry).  Second point is that while it's cute, "cute" and "Magma" really don't go together well, and while for us English-speakers it's a fascinating document of the cultural position Vander occupies within France it's hardly the Langley Schools Music Project, and if you come in expecting that you're going to be disappointed.  Third point is that it's really not Magma either and ought to be credited to just plain Vander.

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