Friday, April 3, 2015

Christian Vander - 1994 - A Tous Les Enfants

Christian Vander
A Tous Les Enfants

01. Coucou! 0:04
02. Au premier coup entendez-vous! 0:15
03. Hymne aux enfants 4:52
04. Au deuxième coup apprêtez-vous! 0:17
05. Regarde... 0:31
06. J'ai du bon tabac 2:40
07. Les oies sauvages 2:11
08. Mr Vent 3:37
09. Au troisième coup amenez-vous! 1:02
10. Le ballet des sorcières 4:10
11. Il est sept heures réveillez-vous! 0:11
12. Ronde de nuit 8:22
13. Aujourd'hui c'est fête 1:36
14. Il est Noël 4:59
15. Chanson pour Pâques 0:56
16. Chanson des oeufs 3:15
17. La mémoire de l'eau 2:15
18. A la claire fontaine 2:49
19. Le marchand de sable 1:36
20. Dodo l'enfant do 8:34

Christian Vander: piano, keyboards, vocals, vocals parlée
Stella Vander: vocals, keyboards, keyboards programming, vocals parlée
Isabelle Feuillebois: vocals
Julie Vander: vocals
Et les enfants:
  Elodie et Fleur GEORGELIN, Maud SACQUET, Fabio CHRISTINY, Gary et Kevin DUMONT,

"Dodo l'enfant do"
Pierre-Michel Sivadier: keyboards
Lydia Domancich: keyboards
Philippe Dardelle: bass

This record is the essence of beauty. Only extremes of anger and torrents of fury could erase Christian VANDER's underlying look of childish innocence and prevent him from offering, without defences, that which always shines in the heart of his music: honesty. In the open space between TO LOVE and Stella VANDER's album D'EPREUVES D'AMOUR, A TOUS LES ENFANTS unfolds like a book of images, full of stars, through which birds fly, farandoles turn, rattles chatter and sorcerers dance. Nursery rhymes, musical mysteries, songs full of fervour and keyboards which chime like bells are found here. The tales of Noel de Kobaia are revealed to the Earth. These crystalline and limpid melodies have ineffable charm, sounding as much as anything like the music boxes that one opens and then closes for fear that their treasures will escape.

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