Thursday, April 23, 2015

Burnin Red Ivanhoe - 1972 - Miley Smile / Stage Recall

Burnin Red Ivanhoe
Miley Smile / Stage Recall

01. Ivanhoe I Brondbyrene (1:50)
02. I Want The Rest Of My Life Surrounded With Money (5:30)
03. Indre Landskab (5:43)
04. A Monster Song (4:47)
05. Red River Rock (1:55)
06. Bareback Rider (8:50)
07. Rotating Irons (6:17)
08. Goodbye (3:30)

- Karsten Vogel / saxophone, organ, mellotron
- Ole Fick / guitar, vocals
- Jess Stæhr / bass, vocals
- Kim Menzer / saxophone, flute, harmonica, violin
- Bo Thrige Andersen / drums

Before they disbanded in 1972 Burnin Red Ivanhoe recorded some new tracks live in studio and released them on this album here as a farewell present for their fans together with three old songs ("Ivanhoe I Brondbyerne", "Indre Landskab" and "Rotating Irons"). Thus this record is certainly interesting for any fan of this band. Due to the live production the music here sounds less professional and complex than on their studio outputs. What we've been offered here is jazz-tinged bluesrock played on Hammond, guitar, bass and drums with various solos on flute, sax or harmonica. Actually quite nice and entertaining but on the other hand not that much exciting and stirring. Most outstanding track is the instrumental "Bareback Rider" , a driving jammin' piece with awesome dual sax playing. The cover version of stupid "Red River Rock" is quite redundant I've to say.
As a conclusion this record offers a quite nice opportunity to hear how Burnin Red Ivanhoe could have sounded live though being most probably only interesting as an additional purchase if one owns already their previous studio albums. Despite inferior recording quality still a good one.

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