Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Benoit Widemann - 1979 - Tsunami

Benoit Widemann

01. Des iles
02. Cecile
03. Fifteen for me
04. The proud Mongol
05. Let´s go, kids of the drum
06. Tsunami

- Benoît Widemann / acoustic piano, fender piano, Moog & Oberheim synthesizers
- Jean-Pierre Fouquey / acoustic piano, fender piano, Moog & Oberheim synthesizers
- Gilbert Dall'Anese / soprano, tenor and baritone sax
- Rémy Dall'Anese / bass
- Jean-Paul Ceccarelli / drums, percussion

Best know for his stint with Magma, has made solo albums consisting of pleasant instrumental jazz-rock. First album was Stress and Tsunami was his second album.
Tsunami is more polished than Stress and tends to emphasize jazz, though still definitively fusion. But it still has a rather demented quality to it. I wish I could elaborate on that more. There just seems something unsettling about the melodies. I think these are better musicians on this album and it seems that more money went into the overall production. Tsunami's cover art is definitely more professional. And although I've said less about this album than the first, I would have to say that if Widemann has any more albums, I hope they are more like Tsunami.

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