Friday, April 17, 2015

Atlas - 1979 - Bla Vardag

Bla Vardag

01. Elisabiten (7:12)
02. På Gata (14:10)
03. Blå Vardag (6:56)
04. Gånglåt (2:52)
05. Den Vita Tranans Väg (7:18)
06. Björnstorp (6:17)
07. Hemifrån (7:50)
08. Sebastian (4:31)

- Björn Ekborn / organ, piano, synths, clavinet, mellotron, Rhodes
- Erik Björn Nielsen / synths, mellotron, Rhodes, organ, piano
- Micke Pinotti / drums
- Uffe Hedlund / bass, bass pedals, guitar
- Janne Persson / guitar, percussion

Atlas released one record with the name Atlas and afterwards they changed name to Mosaik and did one record with that name three years after this disc "Blå vardag". This record from 1979 contains eight songs and it was easy for me to like it. Their music has a deep sound and it's filled with instruments and great melodies. Every track is worth listen to but of course I have my favourites. "På gata" has a strong and handsome melody which knows what it want. It happens a lot in this music. This record really shows what symphonic rock is and does that with distinct tunes and great harmonies. "Hemifrån" is another gem which is a musdical journey through time and space. What I miss here is song. I can't really place is in the same level such as Genesis (which they almost sounds like). This is also a record that I maybe will raise higher later on. But now I will give it four strong stars. The lack of song is big. They do it well even without song but I am curious how It would have sounded with vocals included. A very honest record with great symphonic progressive rock, worth liften to. Perhaps it will fit your taste.

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