Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Alrune Rod - 2005 - Live Ragnarock 74

Alrune Rod 
Live Ragnarock 74

01. Om At
02. Ringene I Sandet
03. Flyv Fugi Fisk
04. De Vises Sten
05. Rock Soster

Leif Roden / bass, vocal
Karsten Høst / drums
Mikael Miller / guitar
Ole Poulsen / guitar.

This festival was an annual event in the Holmenkollen ski-jumping arena in the early 1970s. Other bands who also played was PRUDENCE and I believe THEM. The arena is perfect for rock concerts and I cannot understand why nobody has done it again.

Over to the record. The band goes on the full attack from the first note. The music is hard rock with some references to space rock and southern boogie. The music is mostly driven by solo guitars and saxophone. The result is hard & heavy.

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