Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ache - 1977 - Blå Som Altid

Blå Som Altid

01. Den Mellemungende Tid
02. Kilometerstenen
03. Pantomime
04. Evig Søndag
05. Perafinn
06. Se dig omkring
07. Ingen returbillet

- Finn Olafsson / guitars, vocal
- Per Wium / keyboards, vocal
- Steen Toft Andersen / keyboards, harmonica, vocal
- Torsten Olafsson / bass, vocal, vibraphone, shakuhachi
- Gert Smedegaard / drums

The DNA profile of Ache is still very much present on this album. Excellent Hammond organ passages is scattered around this album. The symphonic prog elements has been replaced with a more jazzy type of pop rock though. I think this is called going commercial. Which is fair enough. The jazz elements here is a good replacement for the symphonic prog elements. There are even some good guitar solos here.

Despite of this, the stuff is pretty good, but nothing more. There are some interesting melody lines scattered around the album, though. This inbetween the dull run-of-the-mill stuff. The Hammond organs and the jazz elements saves this album from being another pop rock album from 1977.



  2. Stig Kreutzfeldt sings lead vocal on this album