Friday, March 27, 2015

Zamla Mammaz Manna - 1978 - Schlagerns Mystik

Zamla Mammaz Manna
Schlagerns Mystik

01. At Ragunda (1:37)
02. Seasonsong (3:48)
03. Proffesion is the Amateur's Glue (2:20)
04. Buttonless (2:15)
05. Not Margareta (3:47)
06. Little Karin (4:15)
07. Asphaltsong (1:52)
08. Joosan Lost (0:25)
09. The Fate (17:00)

- Hans Bruniusson / drums, xylophone, chimes, vibraphone, song
- Eino Haapala / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, song
- Lars Hollmer / electric piano, Korg polyphonic, Hohner-symphonic grand piano, accordion, song
- Lars Krantz / electric bass, double-bass, acoustic guitar, song

 A masterpiece of progressive music? In my world - yes, definitely!

Circus music? Child songs? Crazy screaming? High-pitched helium voices? Glockenspiel and xylophone all over? WTF!? I love it! :D And what's even crazier, is that it's actually quite pretty music! What makes it stick to the 70's prog thing is occasional odd rhythms, some very cool synthesizers and sometimes a little advanced drumming. You know, if I should analyze the music of Zamla (or Samla, really), I would use weeks, least! I can't see how anything could be more prog than this, especially not if you're like me - connecting the "prog feeling" to the, in my opinion, wonderful "WTF!? feeling". :D

Anyway, I will try to make a short, objective analysis of this album: What you hear on this album, is influences of many styles. The classic prog is there, but it's also Swedish folk, a little jazz, latin american and some electronica, I believe. To really classify it in any of the mentioned genres is a lot harder, but I guess you could call it progressive or psychedelic, at least. :P A wide array of instruments is used, and no instrument is really overused here. There's drums, bass and guitar, yes, but then comes the strange piano, the xylophones, the glockenspiel (or is it called metalophone?), a small pipe organ (the resemblance to circus music is striking), many different kinds of percussion instruments like an old till of some kind (or is it a type writer?) ++

What I almost forgot mentioning, believing that I was finishing the last line of this review, is that the music is actually quite pretty! Just listen to the refrain on Liten Karin (or Little Karin in English), or the theme on Ödet (the Fate) or Joosan Lost ... it's all really cute and at the same time extremely dramatic and filled with passion.

Anyway, if you're tired of music all sounding the same, then this REALLY is the album for you. As for this album compared to the other Samla albums... Personally, I prefer this one. I don't know what it is, but I think it's something about the sound quality isn't really doing justice to the Samla sound before the year this album was released. And the earlier albums is also a little too "serious" for me... You know, it's not that they're not serious in that way, but they're really playing around, if you know what I mean - and I love it!

I believe this album is a +++ in anyone's "prog collection", or whatever you call your collection of music... Go buy!



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