Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spin - 1976 - Spin


01. Grasshopper
02. Spinning
03. Excenter
04. Sea and Seasons
05. Little bitch
06. Sunday afternoon's dream
07. Flat tyre
08. Beautiful Queenie

Rein van den Broek: Trumpet, flugelhorn
Jan Vennik: Flute, hobo, clarinet
Hans Jansen: Keyboards
Hans Hollestelle: Guitar, synthesizer
Jan Hollestelle: Bass guitar, cello
Cees Kranenburg: Drums, percussion

Spin was a jazz rock band formed in 1974 in Holland. Differences of opinion regarding the musical style of Ekseption made Rein van den Broek and Dik Vennik to form a new band - Spin. In the line up was also included another member of Eskeption - Hans Jansen and Hans Hollestelle, was as well a session musician in Ekseption. The line up was completed by the brother of Hollestelle Jan and Cees Kranenburg. The music of Spin is much more straight forward than Ekseption's music, they dropped the classical influences and the arrangements were much more focused on electric guitars and horns and even some funk elements here and there. Enthusiasts of jazz/rock fusion might find this album a little bit on the soft side though, but the songs are well balanced and feature some catchy horn arrangements. They released two albums, one in 1976 self-titled and one in 1977 Whirlwind. Neither of them become very successful, so they disbanded in late 1977, but they leave behind some good example of how must sound this kind of jazz, also they had a minor hit in USA with the piece Grasshopper. Both discs are only available on vinyl released on Ariola, the albums never got the chance to be re-released on CD so far.



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