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Samla Mammas Manna - 2002 - Dear Mamma

Samla Mammas Manna 
Dear Mamma

01. Introduction (2:18)
02. Frestelsens Café (11:20)
03. Ooaajji - Ohdadaididadaidi (4:04)
04. Långt Ner I Ett Kaninhål (3:42)
05. Dear Mamma Pt 1 (3:45)
06. Ingenting (4:06)
07. Första Ikarien (8:13)
08. Dear Mamma Pt 2 (2:29)
09. Andra Ikarien (3:12)
10. Mjölk (1:13)
11. Tredje Ikarien (5:35)
12. Fredmans Session 1 (With Ruins) (3:46)
13. Fredmans Session 2 (With Ruins) (19:35)

- Coste Apetrea / guitar, bouzouki, veena, voice
- Tatsuya Yoshida / drums, percussion, voice
- Lars Hollmer / keyboards, accordion, melodica, voice
- Lars Krantz / bass, voice

From the beginning "Introduction" is one of the weirdest tracks I ever heard, incredibly cacophonic (but interesting), weird sounds and very little melodies, but still the "Je ne sais quoi" keeps the listener's interest, even if you are used to more melodically music.

I never thought I would say this but "Frestelsens Café", an incredibly weird song with almost tribal rhythms mixed with incredibly complex cacophonies and experimental to the maximum, sounded excellent to a person used to pristine Symphonic. There's some kid of magic in the sound that makes me love the track.

Never a name was better selected than "ooaajjii / ohdadaididadaidi", the first half is only a mixture of strange sounds (with percussion as background) that sound more or less than the first word of the title. The second half is more adventurous, they include conversation and funny sounds mixed with pieces of music no longer than a few seconds, a dramatic finale adds something pleasant o the song

"Langt ner I ett Kaninhal" is simply too bizarre for me sounds, babbling and at the end each and then, even a Venezuelan typical song with a dose of extra weirdness. Not my cup of tea.

"Dear Mamma Pt 1" is even more strange, the only melody I recognize is the soundtrack of the 60's TV version of Batman all created with vocals, then they loose it with incredibly strange yodeling but still in the background, some dramatic and intense melodies appear covered by theatrical screams.

"Ingenting" starts as a very unusual Jazz track, the drumming is outstanding and the melody reminds me of those 70's and 80's TV police soundtracks with a more naïve sound, don't know why but I like it.

"Forsta Ikarien" really blows my brains, I just can't describe what's happening here, you have to listen it to believe, nothing has musical sense but at the same time makes sense in this context, I don't dare to say if it's good or bad, it depends in the listener.

"Dear Mamma pt. 2" is stranger than pt 1 (If this is possible), not even Thijs Van Leer dared to make such weird sounds, it's almost a joke, a reason more to make me not understand why THE BONZO DOG DOO DAH BAND is not here, they simply hit the piano and in general all the instruments with no coherence, at.

I reached the point where the incredibly bizarre "Andra Ikarien" sounds normal, there is a strong and dramatic basic melody created with "God knows" what instruments, but it's fantastic and addictive.

"Jolk" starts with an almost cavern men shouts and all the song is basically vocal, withh grunts laughs and sounds that I can only dare to describe as a conversation between Neanderthals and a bit of comedy. I believe this time they went too far.

"Tredje Ikarien" has a very interesting but simple melody, if I dare to compare it with something I would say that it would be perfect for a soundtrack of a 1930's terror movie with Abbott & Costello, only around the middle they get interesting, but without leaving behind that tragicomic atmosphere.

"Fredmans Session 1" and "Fredmans session 2" are a weird way of closing a weird album, some melodies but a lot of experimentation.

After writing this, I know why this album has been rated but never reviewed, it's incredibly hard to describe what is happening in the album or what passed in the head of the musicians,



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