Friday, March 27, 2015

Samla Mammas Manna - 1999 - Kaka

Samla Mammas Manna

01. Stämma Lite (0:29)
02. Lyckliga Titanic (5:12)
03. Oh Sa Masalana Jämfört Med Alman River (2:03)
04. Första Ikarien (6:39)
05. Reptilgärna (2:16)
06. Satori (3:28)
07. Vegetariskt Impro, Svar Direkt (2:38)
08. Frestelsens Cafe (8:14)
09. Tung Krupa Tejpraga Tra La La (2:36)
10. Andra Ikarien (3:33)
11. Även Oss Far Tiden Aldras Spasmodskij / Engelbert Humperdinck Blues (5:12)
12. Hatman (2:28)
13. Tredje Ikarien (5:30)
14. OQ (0:19)

- Coste Apetrea / guitar, bouzouki, vocals
- Hans Bruniusson / drums, percussion, marimba, vocals
- Lars Hollmer / keyboards, accordion, melodica, vocals
- Lars Krantz / bass, vocals

All the four members of the classic Samla lineup reunited in 1990 for a one-off gig in celebration of Hasse Bruniusson's 40th birthday but then decided to carry on their live collaboration throughout the '90s. Kaka was released towards the end of the band's reunion since Bruniusson left the band that same year. Kaka is basically a compilation of material that has been in Samla's repertoire for quite some time mixed together with a few live recordings from their performances in the '90s. This description isn't all that appealing, but the final result can easily be considered one of their best albums!

Since I originally had my reservations about this release I decided to initially borrow the album. Only a few spins later it became very clear that I would need a CD copy of my own! This release is everything a Samla fan can dream of from the band. I guess that the easiest way to describe this release would be by calling it a semi-concept album that begins with the band tuning their instruments for a fictional gig and then goes into one of their craziest live performances yet. We also get an English speaking commentator introducing the different sections of the performance in a rather sarcastic fashion.

Even though the fictive live gig is one of the most overused prog clichés, that began with the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Kaka is one of those instances where the whole idea works rather nicely considering the wide array of compositions that are featured on the album. Many of the tunes pay a direct or indirect homage to the band's past. The most clear example of this can be heard on Satori which is pretty much a new take on Släde Till Sator from the band's debut album. We also get to hear a few familiar melodies integrated into the new material which makes it a great treat to all the fans.

I rarely get the chance to recommend a relatively recent album from a prominent '70s act as one of their best achievements but this is definitely the case with Kaka. This album has everything that most of the fans could expect from Samla. Unexperienced listeners might not catch all of the inside jokes but will get an excellent retrospective of the band's work that will surely grow on them even more once they go back and visit the band's '70s output. Simply put, a great album for everyone!



  2. Thank You SO very much Drago!! For the continual font of musical rejuvenation! :-) Your gifts are too numerous to count, and it so very thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated :-)

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