Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saga - 1974 - Saga


01. Djävulens läppar (6:32)
02. Gamla goda misstag (2:11)
03. I ett glashus (3:32)
04. Önskebrunnen (7:49)
05. Soliga barn  (1:25)
06. Jakten tillbaka (4:40)
07. Sång för Sylvia  (1:51)
08. Källardrottning (4:32)
09. Ensamma rum  (6:17)

Christer Stålbrandt / vocals, bass
Kenny Bülow / guitars, vocals
Mats Norrefalk / guitars, vocals
Sten Danielsson / drums

Sylvia Olin / piano
Christer Eklund / sax
Björn Isfält / Cello

The album is a very unusual and offbeat mix of hypnotic guitar-acid sound waves and mystically mesmerizing vocals. Unsteady harmonic vibrations generated by the creative impulse of the group's leader bassist Stalbrandta Christer (Christer Stalbrandt) gently envelop soluble in the vast ocean of the universe and gradually refusing to resist the inexorable laws of intergalactic space consciousness. Viscous and melancholic singing Swedish- Christer and disturbing sounds sad and enlightened cello Bjorn Isfelta (Björn Isfält) created while listening to the album a real sense of belonging emotional experiences of the authors of music and carry the listener into a fantastic and full of unforeseen danger and adventure, journey into the world of animated echoes of ancient Scandinavian sagas and sagas passed through the black-and-white prism of modern perceptions of reality in all its manifestations, not children. A delightful drive and is definitely one of the best rock albums of the Scandinavian 70 's.

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