Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rick van der Linden - 1977 - GX 1

Rick van der Linden 
GX 1

01. GX 1 4:25
02. Mystic Eyes 3:38
03. Double Flute X2 4:14
04. Clouds 3:25
05. Wizzard Dance 2:41
06. Super Dream GT-2000 4:15
07. Bermuda 3:15
08. Bachatel 7:52
09. Game 3:12

Well, for synth nerds, this recording features one of the rarest synthesizer of history : the Yamaha GX-1 built in 1973. It's probably one of the heaviest too; From wikipedia : "The GX-1 console weighs 300 kg. The pedalboard and stand add 87 kg, and each of its tube-powered speakers, four of which can be connected to the GX-1, weighs 141 kg."
Rather cheesy but (briefly) entertaining, Rick van der Linden's GX1 features the venerable monstersynth by Yamaha on every track and consists of nothing but the tones and rhythms generated by GX1. However, the musical results are somewhat lacking, it's all too kitch and pop for my taste, with no real depth to speak of and Rick's Progressive roots kept in shade. A couple of nice slow, melodic tunes save it from a total failure. I;ll give it 2 and a half stars for the effort. Only for the die-hard Electronic Music collectors.

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