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Ramlösa Kvällar - 1978 - Nights Without Frames

Ramlösa Kvällar 
Nights Without Frames

01. Sega (5:43)
02. Magnusladulåten (6:00)
03. Bogdan dansar (6:49)
04. Castaneda (4:36)
05. Vallåten (7:09)
06. Den maskulina mystiken (3:28)
07. Idé och lärdomshistorien (1:30)
08. Åreskutan (3:22)
09. Sista mars (4:17)
10. Estem (4:28)
11. Ramlösa blues (3:20)

- Coste Apetréa / guitars, bouzouki
- Lars Hollmer / accordion, bassaccordion
- Kalle Eriksson / trumpet, flute
- Ulf "Ärtan" Wallander / saxophones, minor sounds, maraccas
- Bill Öhrström / congas, darbukas, pletas, harmonica, percussion

Ramlösa Kvällar formed after Samla Mammas Manna's short break in 1976 by Lars Hollmer (accordion) and Coste Apetrea (guitar, bouzouki) together with Ulf Wallander (sax, maracas)(later member of THE FLOWER KINGS), Kalle Eriksson (trumpet, flute) and Bill Öhrström (percussion). They play acoustic and instrumental music very much influenced by eastern-european folkmusic, with both covers and own-written material. Their debut album is mostly in that style and is a good, but non-essential RIO/Folk album. Fans of Samla should check it out though.

"Ramlösa kvällar" features five talanted musicians: Coste Apetrea (Samla Mammas Manna and solo artist), Kalle Eriksson (Nya Ljudbolaget, Samla Mammas Manna, von Zamla, Lars Hollmer), Lars Hollmer (Samla Mammas Manna and solo artist), Ulf Ärtan Wallander (Samla Mammas Manna, Arbete & Fritid, Nya Ljudbolaget, Flower Kings) and Bill Öhrström (Mikael Ramel and more). As you see most of them have earlier played in/with Samla mammas manna but now there is totally different music. This is a collection of live recordings and it was released in 1978 on Silence records.

As all prog records this is an interesting record to review but perhaps this music is thought to be danced to. This is mostly some form of ethnic progressive folk with inspiration from Greece and eastern Europe. Glimps of Swedish folk can also be heard. Well, this is well performed material, the band is very coherent. Unfortunately the best song "Castañeda" has bad audio standard. That is a song related to Samla mammas mannas music. It has good blowers and an advanced melody. "Sista mars" is another highligth with a beautiful swedish folk feeling and a dreaming trumpet. Also the short jazzy "Idé och lärdomshistorien" is interesting. Otherwise there is nice world music, perfect for a nice party or someone who's up for dance. They wrote that this is dance music on their cover so why don't you find a partner and take a dance?

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