Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pop Workshop - 1973 - Volume 1

Pop Workshop
Volume 1

01. Point Of Junction
02. Hanging Loose
03. Perforated Mind
04. Sentience
05. Equinox
06. The Last Pharoah
07. Equivalent In Nature
08. Perfect Touchdown

Alto Saxophone – Zbigniew Namyslowski
Bass – Stefan Brolund
Drums – Ola Brunkert
Electric Piano – Wlodek Gulgowski
Flute – Zbigniew Namyslowski
Guitar – Janne Schaffer
Percussion – Ahmadu Jarr, Ed Thigpen
Synthesizer – Wlodek Gulgowski

This record usually sells for USD150, and it's too bad great music like this isn't available for "common people". So here it is, a great jazz/rock/fusion-record from 1973, never re-released, and not available on CD.

Centred around Swedish pianist Wlodek Gulgowski, the Pop Workshop project was formed in part from young Swedish musicians and in part from internationally recognized jazz greats.
Besides bassist Stefan Brolund and percussionist Ola Brunkert, the band also included the guitarist Janne Schaffer, who would become known in later years (as a guitar playing Zebra...).

Together with drummer Ed Thigpen, percussionist Amadu Jarr, who with the Swedish fusion band EGBA also released some interesting recordings himself at this time, lent this line-up its rhythmically dense, energy-laden and complex groove.

Thigpen, who had already played in the States with such major names as Bud Powell, Billy Taylor, Oscar Peterson and Ella Fitzgerald, had moved to Copenhagen in 1972, where he taught at the Conservatory in Aarhus.

The actual star of this group was saxophonist Zbigniew Namyslowski. He already played with legendary Krzysztof Komeda and the Novi Singers, and was one of his country's best know musicians.

Great music, so enjoy!