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P.L.J. Band - 1982 - Armageddon

P.L.J. Band

01. Intro (5:03)
02. I See People (4:29)
03. Ezekiel (3:49)
04. Dye (4:54)
05. Armageddon I (7:29)
06. Armageddon II (7:03)
07. Void (2:12)
08. Theme (4:58)
09. Starwish (1:44)

- Laurentis Macaeritsas / lead vocals, 12-string guitar, keyboards
- Antonis Mijelos / lead guitar, acoustic guitar
- Jimmy Vasalakos / bass, backing vocals
- Pavlos Kikrilis / rhythm & classical guitar
- Tolis Skamajouras / drums, percussion

This is such a unique recording. Rightly listed under Psychedelic / Spacerock yet there is this Krautrock flavour throughout. This band is from Greece and they released this album back in 1982. Soon after it's release though the government started to destroy these records feeling they contained blasphemous lyrics. I wish I had a copy of the lyrics because I haven't heard what they apparently heard. Mind you there is some Greek lyrics, but the rest is in English. The cd versions that came out in the nineties were copied directly from an LP. Interesting that there are three guitarists playing on this album. Mostly lead guitar with rhythm guitar, but there is 12 string guitar as well. It's just cool hearing that guitar interplay.

"Intro" opens with the wind blowing as synths, guitar and drums join in. This is pretty trippy stuff. Love the guitar that comes in after 2 1/2 minutes, very psychedelic. The wind is back and check out the guitar after 4 minutes. Nice. Great start. "I See People" is a hair raising song as we can hear spoken vocals and the noise of a crowd. It's like a prophet is preaching on the street or in a market while people mill about. Synths take over when he stops with strummed guitar as the tempo picks up. Spoken words and a calm return after 2 minutes. "Ezekiel" continues that theme only this time we get these monotone female vocals quoting Ezekiel's words that he received from God. These words tell the people that judgment is coming,desolation and destruction will fall upon the land from the hand of God. It ends with "...then you shall know that I am the Lord." This is followed by Post-Rock styled guitar. Cool. The guitar starts to cry out before 3 minutes as the other guitar is strummed. Synths end it.

"Oye" opens with gentle guitar. Spoken vocals 1 1/2 minutes in as the sound gets much fuller. The guitar starts to light it up before 3 minutes with synths in the background. It turns spacey 3 1/2 minutes in as vocals return. "Armegeddon I" and "Armageddon II" are the two longest tracks, each over 7 minutes in length. The first one opens with the sound of water, drums, synths and gentle guitar as Latin spoken words come in. The guitar, synths and vocals become more prominant 4 minutes in. "Armageddon II" is the more energetic of the two. A good beat with strummed guitar to open. Guitar lights up the soundscape after a minute. Nice. Vocals cry out after 3 minutes as the synths dominate the sound. The guitar is lighting it up again after 4 minutes and later at 5 1/2 minutes. Great tune. "The Void" is as the title might suggest an experimental one. "Theme" opens with church bells before gentle guitar and drums come in. Synths are very prominant. "Star Wish" ends the album with some hope as we get an uplifting soundscape with actual singing for the first time. Gentle guitar helps out. Drums, bass and synths come in after a minute.

This is one of those special albums i'm so glad to have in my collection. It's one of a kind really.

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