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Los Jaivas - 2003 - La Voragine 3 El Totem (1969 - 1970)

Los Jaivas
La Voragine 3 El Totem (1969 - 1970)

01. El Tótem (18:28)
02. La Verdad / Ahora Soy Una Isla (24:32)
03. Gente (4:02)
04. Un Domingo Por La Mañana (15:24)

- Gabriel Parra / Drums, Piedras, Cuerpo, Vocals
- Claudio Parra / Piano, Rasca, Cuerpo
- Eduardo Parra / Bongó, Cuerpo, Piedras, Electric Organ
- Mario Mutis / Bass, percussion and more
- Eduardo "Gato" Alquinta / Electric Guitar, Flute, Agogó, Piedras, Cuerpo, Vocals

Recorded at Cine Arte de Vina del Mar in July, 1970

''El Tótem'' is a live set of psychedelic tracks with elements of aleatorica (dictionaries tell me it is a formalistic method of composition based on random combinations of sounds). A little more accessible record than bluesy ''Pan Negro'' or atonal ''La Reforma'', but far from being your everyday listening.
To give you the approximate idea what the first two tracks sound like, imagine PINK FLOYD's piece ''Suacerful of Secrets'' played during 40 minutes with some flute, guitar, organ, piano (sometimes Claudio Parra plays it 'properly', sometimes it seems he pulls its strings instead of pressing keys). Add here occasional drum solos, some shaman-like voices, strange metallic sounds of resca de metal (what this mysterious instrument is?) and some sound effects (like steps, the sound of flowing water etc) made with the help of musical instruments and also turntables and radio being tuned from station to station.

''Gente'', the shortest track, is nothing more than a mess of shouts and strange sounds.

The last track reminds me a little of ''Grand Vizier's Garden Party'' from PINK FLOYD's ''Ummagumma''.

It was 1970, a great time for musical experiments, and I guess the audience was more than pleased to hear such unusual music and especially to see HOW it was played

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