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Los Jaivas - 2003 - La Voragine 1 Pan Negro (1969 - 1970)

Los Jaivas 
La Voragine 1 Pan Negro (1969 - 1970)

01. Mañana cuando llegues (11:25)
02. ¿Qué esperas? Tanto tiempo sin verte (11:31)
03. Te amo mujer (5:41)
04. Cancuón del "Gancho" (5:12)
05. Tocamos música de vanguardia ¡y qué! (23:51)

- Gabriel Parra / Drums, percussion, vocals and some more
- Claudio Parra / Organ, piano, record player and some more
- Eduardo Parra / Piano, organ and some more
- Eduardo "Gato" Alquinta / Vocals, guitar, recorder and some more
- Mario Mutis / Bass guitar, percussion and also some more
- Gringo David (David Fass) / Harmonica, vocals in tracks 3 and 4

Los Blops (The Blops) / Vocais, guitar, flute, percussion in track 5
Many personal friends / Flutes, percussion, shouts and others.

1, 2, 3 - studio recordings, 1969
4 - live recording, 1973
5 - live recording, 1970

 In 2003 LOS JAIVAS released their early recordings as a 5 CD series ''La Vorágine I - V''. As we can expect from each CD subtitle, 'Improvisaciones 1969 - 1970', most of them are pure jams. Initially these records are not intended to reach huge commercial success. They are addressed to band's devoted fans and, probably, to fans of the late 60s era, more precious, to its experimental part.
So ''Pan Negro'' is the first CD from this series.

Tracks 1 - 3 are mostly instrumental blues jams with some folk touches. Guitars, bass and drums are main instruments here, though organ, harmonica (played by guest musician Gringo David) and recorder also present.

Track 4, 'Canción del Gancho' is the only 'real' song here. It's also blues, but, according to the info from CD booklet, it is taken from 1973 recording sessions, when the band concentrated on more focused compositions.

The last track, almost 24-minutes long 'Tocamos música de vanguardia ¡y qué!', is, like it follows from its title, absolutely wild and crazy improvisation. Another Chilean band, LOS BLOPS, took part in this happening. Avant fans probably will like it, I can't say the same about other

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