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Los Jaivas - 1989 - Si Tu No Estas

Los Jaivas 
Si Tu No Estas

01. Aguamarina (4:02)
02. Si tu no estás (3:45)
03. Pájaro errante (4:14)
04. Niña serrana (4:17)
05. Como tus ríos te recorren (5:01)
06. Rosas en el jardín (4:42)
07. Solitarios de un beso (4:24)
08. El dormilón imposible (2:40)

- Gato Alquinta / vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass (3)
- Mario Mutis / bass (except 1, 3), electric guitar and vocals
- Eduardo Parra / Yamaha D7 synthesizer, harpsichord
- Claudio Parra / Yamaha D7 synthesizer, sampling
- Gabriel Parra / drums (1, 8)
- Pajaro Canzani / bass (1), timbaletas (1)
- Marcelo Muñoz / drums (except 1, 8)
- Juanita Parra, Aurora Alquinta / backing vocals (3, 4)

Guest musicians:
- Leonardo Droquett / 2-nd voice (5), backing vocals (6)
- Luis Núñez / charango (5)

This very special album in LOS JAIVAS discography sounds unlike any of their records. After such grandiose, gorgeous, monumental works as ''Alturas de Machu Picchu'' and ''Obras de Violeta Parra'' it was natural for the band members to create some lighter, less complex songs, expressing their personal feelings.

Recording sessions started in March, 1987 in Paris. Only two songs were recorded with drummer Gabriel Parra, 'Aquamarina' and 'El Dormilón Imposible', but at least 3 songs, 'Niña serrana', 'Pájaro Errante' and 'El Dormilón Imposible' were played live (with Gabriel) during band's Chilean 1988 tour.

Unfortunately the year 1988 became tragic for LOS JAIVAS - Gabriel Parra died, on his way from Chile to Peru, in a car accident. Reports say 25 000 Chileans came to his funeral. No wonder the band dedicated the album ''Si Tu No Estás'' to their beloved friend and brother.

Now to the music. First of all, unusual, for the band, set of instruments was used for this record: no grand piano and mini-Moog, only Yamaha synthesizers; no flutes, ocarinas and trutrucas. The result is... yes, you guessed - most poppier LOS JAIVAS album ever. But don't hurry with conclusions - songs are inspired, catchy and memorable, band's good musical taste is, as always, here.

Instead of making pathetic requiem the band created sincere, intimate and emotional album painted by light grief. Some songs ('Como tus Ríos te Recorren', 'Rosas en el Jardín' and 'Solitarios de un Beso') have obvious retro feel and sound like popular Latin American music of 1940s - 60s. Others - like pop or pop-rock of the 80s - 90s.

My personal highlights are the title track, 'Niña serrana', 'Rosas en el Jardín' and 'Solitarios de un Beso' - light, fragile melodies and beautiful singing by Gato Alquinta. This short (only 33 minutes) album has no fillers and is good for 'proper' listening and for listening in the background as well.

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