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Los Jaivas - 1975 - Los Jaivas

Los Jaivas
Los Jaivas

01. Pregón Para Iluminarse (5:17)
02. Guajira Cósmica (7:59)
03. La Conquistada (7:13)
04. Un Mar De Gente (4:09)
05. Un Día De Tus Días (3:10)
06. Tarka Y Ocarina (13:18)
  a. Diablada
  b. Trote
  c. Kotaiki

Contains 2 bonus tracks (1976 singles):
07. En tus horas (3:43)
08. Mambo de Machaguay (4:09)

- Gato Alquinta / vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, charango, recorder, piccolo, tarka, trutruka, percussion
- Julio Anderson / bass, acoustic guitar, trutruca, backing vocals
- Eduardo Parra / piano, organ, percussion, zampona
- Claudio Parra / piano, electric piano, percussion, zampona, trutruca
- Gabriel Parra / drums, percussion, trutruca, backing vocals
- Alberto Ledo / charango, tarka, zampona, trutruca, percussion, backing vocals

Guest musician:
- Anonymous Guarani harpist / harp (1)

One of the most succesful Folk/Rock bands from Chile and definitely the most famous among Prog fans, Los Jaivas were established by brothers Claudio Parra (multi-instrumentalist), Eduardo Parra (keyboards) and Gabriel Parra (drums) in Vina del Mar around 1963, featuring also two more multi-instrumentalists, Mario Mutis and Eduardo "Gato" Alquinta.At the beginning their sound was quite immature, developing eventually a personal style during late-60's with many improvised influences, including Rock, Folk and Psychedelic Music.By early-70's the group had become very popular, releasing two albums, mostly known with the titles of their covers, but in 1973 they decided to move to Argentina due to the rising dictatorship in the country.Even worse, Mutis had to depart from his duties due to personal issues and he was replaced by Julio Anderson, while Alberto Ledo also joined in traditional instruments.In 1975 a third album with the ''Los Jaivas'' trademark was released on EMI Argentina, mostly known as ''El indio''.

''Pregon para iluminarse'' shows a very interesting mix of Andean Folk Music with Rock aesthetics, featuring delicate Spanish vocals and traditional flutes next to a jazzy piano and the nice electric guitars, but the following ''Guajira cosmica'' contains maybe too many Folk elements, led by multi-vocal tunes and a rather indifferent atmosphere, closer to traditional Andean Folk.''La conquistada'' is simply great, very much in a Latin Prog/Fusion mood, with great electric solos and beautiful piano lines mixed with acoustic strings, while for the first time the vocals are fantastic with a very sensitive color.The two short opening tracks of the flipside follow again a Chilean Folk path with a romantic atmosphere, led by plenty of vocals, dominant percussions and flutes as well as traditional acoustic instruments, like the charango and the mandolin.A very long composition will close the album, the 13-min. ''Tarka y ocarina'', which every Latin band would be proud if creating it.Here the multiple influences come in evidence, starting in a typical folky enviroment, soon bursting into an instrumental Prog Rock amalgam of Classical and Folk influences with tremendous piano work by Claudio Parra and incredible complex textures with the rhythm section along the lines of PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI, leading this into an atmospheric outro with acoustic strings and smooth piano interludes.

Rather uneven album, containing though quite a few amazing moments.''El indio'' deserves to be listened by every Prog fan, showcasing the early steps of Los Jaivas into more adventurous musical forms.Warmly recommended.

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