Friday, March 27, 2015

Lars Hollmer - 1981 - XII Sibiriska Cyklar

Lars Hollmer
XII Sibiriska Cyklar

01. Avlägsen Strandvals (2:39)
02. Piano de Jugugte (2:40)
03. Hajar du Idealfamiljen? (1:36)
04. Endlich ein Zamba (2:36)
05. Inga Pengar (2:25)
06. Kameisväng (3:11)
07. Ja Änte Flöttar Ja Te Sjöss (1:35)
08. Boeves Psalm (2:30)
09. Jag Väntar På Pelle (2:44)
10. Bluesen (2:05)
11. 44 Sekunder Köpt Speldosa (0:45)
12. Ung Harald (2:43)
13. Litet Piano (2:28)

- Lars Hollmer / accordion, keyboards, drums & percussion, vocals, everything else

The title XII sibiriska cyklar allude to the story about the Siberian farmer, who was living so dreadfully far away from everything and everybody, that he spent most of his time walking to his every destination. However, when he at last became tired of these boring time-consuming walks, he sat down and eventually invented a bicycle! Struck with rapture for his ingenious invention, he anxiously straddled his bike and rode into the nearest town. He intend to show and to apply for a patent for his wonderful innovation. When at long last, he reached the town, he shocked to see thousand of bicycles zooming along in the drizzle. Under the grey skies, he then suddenly dies of a heart attack. I don't believe there is a any truth to this story, even though it is worth considering... Anyway I have stolen it from Hasse...

All songs on XII sibiriska cyklar are created by Lars Hollmer, except the lyrics of "Ung Harald" which was written by Dan Andersson and performed by Tomas Ladberg.
XII sibiriska cyklar was recorded in the Chickenhouse outside Uppsala, on Teac 8 track recorder, in June through October 1980 and in March 1981. "Kamelsväng" is a home recording from 1975 and "litet Piano" was recorded on a cassete recorder in 1976. The final mix was made on one hot day and night by Anders Lind and Lars Hollmer in the MNW Studio, in April 1981, and later in the Chickenhouse by Lars Hollmer.
XII sibiriska cyklar was originally released on vinyl by Silence Records in the summer 1981.
Covers by Lars Hollmer.



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