Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Karthago - 1978 - Love Is a Cake

Love Is a Cake

01. Rock 'n Roll Man 2:21
02. The Friend 3:50
03. Rosie 3:30
04. Remember 4:20
05. I Will Live 4:26
06. Love Is a Cake 4:53
07. Woman 4:07
08. Dreams of Love 4:02
09. Doing the Best I Can 4:39
10. Crazy Woman 3:30
11. Ira Lee 2:33

 KARTHAGO folded but Albrecht refounded the band for a 1978 album. Joining him were Funk, guitarist Jochen Roth,m brother of SCORPIONS guitarist ULI JON ROTH), bassist Earnst Keinz and keyboard player Chico De Los Reyes. The ensuing album, rather strangely titled 'Love Is A Cake', failed to sell and KARTHAGO split once again.

Roth, now known as Zeno Roth, formed the much lauded Symphonic Rock AORsters ZENO. Hartwig joined GURU GURU for their 1980 album 'Hey Du!' and also had a spell with EMBRYO. Cornick later formed PARIS for two 1976 albums before resurrecting WILD TURKEY in the mid 90's.

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